The South African Education and Environment Project (SAEP)

Cape Town, South Africa, Africa

The South African Education and Environment Project (SAEP) is a non-profit organisation, based in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide education, life skills, and psycho-social support programmes for children youth and education providers.

Volunteering Activities

Social Work

What We Need

Our mission covers "cradle to career" philosophy. Interests related to education, child protection, teaching, mentoring, tutoring, child care, Research, M&E, Environmental education, Arts, school administration. Our programmes include - Early Childhood Development, Primary School Programme, Bridging Year, ADT teach, Tertiary Support Programme, Social Work, Impact Centre. Visit our website to learn more.

When & Who

Our educational programmes actively run from February - November that goes alongside the South African school calendar. There is no beneficiary interaction in December (school holidays) and January, and these months are generally reserved for administrative and planning activities. Programmes however do organize school holiday events which fall in the months of April, July (about 4 weeks) and October. Such events include winter camps, supplementary lessons, environmental education, community outreach, etc.

Our office close for last two weeks in December for our annual year end break, and reopens usually 2nd of January.
Minimum of 3 months but preferably longer

Our Fees

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide volunteers any form of financial assistance.


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Contact Person

Sonia Chu
B14 Waverley Court, Kotzee Road, Mowbray, Cape Town 7700, Cape Town, South Africa.

Other Ways to Help

Educational materials for ECD, primary school and high school learners which may including play dough, crayons, pencils, paper, notebooks, pens, rulers

School shoes, socks, generic uniform packs that conform to their schools, sanitary supplies, creche/daycare materials, standard office supplies, etc.

Additional Info about Us

20 to 50 people

SAEP originally focused on environmental education and awareness for high school learners, and launched its first after-school enrichment programmes in Philippi in 1998. Over time, however, in response to beneficiary requests and community needs, its focus has evolved to promote academic and personal development more broadly at all levels of educational development.

Vision: A generation of motivated South African youth, equipped with education and life skills to maximise their potential and contribute to society.

Mission: Prepare and motivate children and youth from under resourced communities to thrive, through education,
life skills and psycho-social support.

Our programmes focus revolve along these academic spheres -

Early Childhood Development • Primary School • High School • Bridging Year • Tertiary Support

SAEP offers a variety of services to learners by providing mentoring and tutorial support mostly as an after school activity (primary and high school students); and support for post-matric students enrolled in our bridging year and tertiary support programmes via enhancing life skills, mentoring and ensuring that they succeed in their chosen line of tertiary education.

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