The Umtshayelo Foundation

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Cape Town, South Africa, Africa

We are a charity who create opportunities for those in need by providing support in education, training and work.

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Andrew Lamour
17 Lood Street, Cape Town, South Africa.
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Up to 5 people

Maintenance (painting), tutoring, cooking

founded in 2013 to alleviate poverty. We believe we
cannot change the world, but we can play a pivotal
role towards tangible and sustainable impact on the
worlds of individuals.

We are a bridge between people who have something to offer and those who need help, and primarily works with those individuals or groups who offer their help or gifts for those who need help. These groups comprise of about seven (7) persons allocated to a specific task at a specific time. The more groups we have the more continuity of social involvement is established.

We believe that the mission to transform communities and to bring unity is central to what it means to be church. Our passion is working alongside those who want to transform communities scarred by poverty and deprivation and give them effective volunteer support that makes a difference to their efforts.

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