The Unique Light Foundation

Kasoa, Ghana, Africa
We are registered Grassroots Non-profit charity who put our resources into helping disadvantaged girls, women and children acquire education, health, opportunities and economic independence.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work

What We Need

We are looking for volunteers to: teach in our local schools, assist health personnels to provide health care in the rural communities; engaged in public education about stigmatization of aids victims, children with disabilities and more; motivational speakers to counsel the youth in school; office assistance; project assistance; medical doctors; nurses; website and social media managers; research assistance; fund raisers; infographic designers and grant proposal writers. Building consultants and contractors, photographers, architectural designers, child care givers, students, holidays and vacation breaks and any group or individual who want to volunteer to help humanity in Africa are all welcome.

When & Who

We are ready to receive and work with volunteers at any time of the year.
A volunteer could work with us for one week, one month or even up to one year or more.

What we Provide


We provide airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals, volunteer handbook, job training and tours


Our Fees

No fees

Volunteers will pay a minimum cost of $20 daily; $100 weekly; $300,50 monthly $1,800 six month

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Contact Person

Agnes Nartey
P.O. Box AN 8862 Accra North GhanaWest Africa, Kasoa, Ghana.
21% response rate

Other Ways to support us

1. The Unique Light Foundation is constructing a school for deprived community in the central region, one of the very deprived regions in Ghana. Please support us eradicate illiteracy and poverty through this project. contribute $10 to purchase cement, sand or block for the project. The total cost for the school project including furnishing is$300000.00
2. Our deprived students with visual impairments need 4 pieces of JAWS, a screen reading software for windows; a speech device that enables persons with visual impairments access computers. You can purchase the JAWS for the students from Freedom via this website at the cost of $1,295.00 each, or donate the money and we shall purchase from the website.
3. We are looking for child sponsors for our deprived orphans and those with disabilities. Adopt a child from The Unique Light Foundation and donate $30 a month for sponsorship.
4. Donate school supplies, shoes, clothes, computers, bus and games to improve teaching and learning in our local schools.
Contact us for more information on how to donate.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

We are looking for volunteers from all over the world to share their exciting moments with our deprived children. Contact us at any time with your volunteer requests or questions, and we shall respond promptly. We have volunteering positions for all ages and abilities, our programs are Taylor made to suit your interest.

The Unique Light Foundation (charity registration number CG09854214) is a grassroots organization located in Breku-Kasoa, in the central region of Ghana. We provide high quality inclusive education to underprivileged children through our partner schools. This includes children with visual impairments from poor communities, ensuring that every child, no matter their poverty, gets the best options in life. We help to eliminate avoidable blindness in schools and deprived areas, and strive to encourage girl’s education regardless of their backgrounds and abilities.
We organize health clinics to screen people and provide suspected people with risk health issues with first aids and referral . We teach youth employable skills, financial management and good record keeping of their businesses. We educate girls about adolescent reproductive health, teenage pregnancy and effective transition into adulthood.
We strongly believe that every child, regardless of situation, health or location, should receive a high quality education, exciting future prospects and unlimited love and care. Children should be brought up with parents, whether biological or adopted, to ensure that they receive the kind of love, care and affection that only parents can truly provide.

The Unique Light Foundation believes that every single child on this earth deserves a chance to prosper in life, regardless of their background or disabilities. All children have the potential to become kind, successful adults, but poverty, a lack of education, and ignorance in society have lead to privatization, resulting in underprivileged children getting left behind. One of our main goals is to educate as many children as we can, especially those who are marginalized, deprived or rejected.

We provide a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves. We are the voice for children and teenage girls, children with visual impairments and young mothers. We support and provide an inclusive education against segregation, discrimination or exclusion. Children with visual impairments should be educated with their peers in a positive school environment. We believe that governments and institutions should provide all the necessary equipment, books, materials and technologies to children with visual impairments, and recognize that every child with a disability deserves to be treated equal.
Volunteer with us and support our course!