The Unity Eco village

Pokhara, Nepal, South Asia
Project goals: The main goal of this project is to eradicate the plastic from the villages, roads, rivers, lakes and give it a new life while raising awareness on the plastic recycling topic with the local population. Completion of this project will further our overarching objective

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

* fundraiser
*Resource mobilizer
*IT Volunteer/Programmer
*Graphic designer
*Video Editor
*content writers


When & Who

Help at Unity Eco Village to build a recycling center in Nepal
We are Looking for some volunteers for the ‘Recycling plastic bottles’ project and ‘Building a recycling station’ project in Pokhara, Nepal at Unity Eco Village. You’re invited to participate in the Reconstruction of remote Villages in Nepal and building an eco-environmental and plastic-free village. Plastic-recycling station in Pokhara.
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Month
People can sty maximum 4 month in Plastic bottle recycle project . Depend on working project.
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House, Other

Sharing accomodation with other volunteers and helping a local community and tree planting

Types: Vegetarian, Accommodate Dietary Restrictions

Nepali Tradition Good organic food
Rice ,vegetable organic food.

Wifi & Satellite
Local SIM Card
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$10 daily
$1000 One-time

One time fees.
1 month $1000
Including food and accommodation

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

Yoga & meditation
Hiking and trekking
Village tour
Organic food farming
Learn how to grow Food

Contact Person

Rc Giri
Unity Eco Village Chapakot, Pokhara, Nepal.

Other Ways to support us

Traditional Cooking

Learn how to Cooking Traditional Style dishes in Nepal fully prepared for your taste Nepali way ..


We aspire to create a self-sustainable, futuristic, proper waste and recycle managed system village where the food shall still be organic. All the waste plastics will be collected (i.e: via, home and public) after recycled by the organization and use it to build more recycled plastics community, make useful recycled items, make eco-bricks etc.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Ramesh Chandra Giri
Sushila Bhujel
Bamendra Pun
Sanjita Paudel
Sagar Giri
Raju Lama
Srijana Paudel Rimal
Chandra Prakash Gautam


Ghaderi Eco Village
Ghaderi Eco Village is a model village of the Unity Eco Village nestled in the hills overlooking Pokhara, bearing constant witness to the magnificent Annapurna range. It is a cozy village where locals grow their own organic food and live a happy life. It is a piece of heaven.

Upon that ready heaven there is further ambition to cultivate a culture where much more than farming is seen. What the local life can teach is much, yet children brought up in these villages still yearn for the adventures of the city and so the youth more often than not leave in search for another type of heaven. One that invariably does not exist.

The goal of Ghaderi Eco Village is to bring awareness to the world of the heaven that exists in these rural communities and invite people to experience this first hand. Also, we desire to rejuvenate the local scene by sharing ideas and knowledge from all over the world.

Thus, we have permaculture meeting with local culture, western traditional music meeting with local traditional music, and the convergence of other arts and philosophies such as yoga, meditation, reiki, massage etc.

What is being created is the future. A merger of east and west, new and old, earth and spirit respectively. We aim to build a school nearby which hosts local children and children visiting from all around the world, so that knowledge and love may be shared.

We aim to establish a research center, recycle center, farm house, nursery and many other projects where we will invite teachers to teach various knowledge from all fields of esoteric disciplines. We are working blood, sweat and tears to create a pollution free environment where the Eco Village will be not taking a part at all in contemporary pollution issues such as marine pollution, global warming and climate change.

All year long we are looking volunteers
Those who believe in sustainable living with harmony and nature in all its form, come and be the part of the community. As a community we listen to each other’s art, learn from each other, and grow together & contribute our bit for a world with peace, joy & compassion.

We have plans for plastic bottle house #upcycling campaign of creating eco bricks by mobilizing students from the school. #Ecobricks are building blocks made from stuffing plastic packaging into PET bottles to create "bricks" which can then be used to make furniture and buildings. These #upcycled PET bottles are the talk of the town as students get rewarded with stationary for having

Plastic Recycling project
Problem statement:
In today’s date the Globe is in developing phase of Globalization where the
secondary needs are just being approached with haphazard Industrialization,
urbanization and unmanage wastage disposal systems creating a mess such as
mass carbon production, pollution, waste chemical production and deforestation for
the nature where litter in the environment is an ongoing problem, but arguably one of
the most pressing environmental challenges that we are faced with today is marine
plastic debris. Over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic
debris in the marine. Currently, it is estimated that there are 100 million tons of plastic
in oceans around the world. It is expected that another 60 billion pounds will be
produced this year alone. In some areas, the buildup of plastics is estimated to span
5 million square miles. To put it into perspective, that is the equivalent of the area of
the U.S. plus India. The two common sources marine debris originates from are:
1 Land-based, which includes litter from peoples, as well as debris that has either
blown into the water resources or been washed in with storm runoff.
2 Marine-based, which includes garbage disposed at water resources by ships
municipality, as well as fishing debris, such as plastic strapping from bait boxes,
discarded fishing line or nets, and derelict fishing gear.
While discarded fishing gear takes its toll on the marine environment by entangling
marine life and destroying life beneath, it only comprises an estimated 20% of all
marine debris – a staggering 80% of all marine debris stems from land-based
sources. This is not that surprising, considering that around 50% of all plastics are
used to manufacture single use items which are discarded soon after they are first
Location of our project:
Project goals:
The main goal of this project is to eradicate the plastic from the villages, roads,
rivers, lakes and give it a new life while raising awareness on the plastic recycling
topic with the local population.

Completion of this project will further our overarching objectives, including:
 Create proper waste manage system at Ghaderi Eco Village.
 Create the first Eco-Village Recycling Station in Nepal at Ghaderi Eco Village.
 Raise awareness about plastic cycling use and plastic recycling
However, every part of this project must be in accordance with our values: Honesty,
Autonomy, Compassion, community, creativity.
Raising Awareness
around plastic
Collect Plastic
Recycle Plastic =
Create plastic
Build houses,
toilets, facilities for
the Eco village

Please support us for a good cause.
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