Volunteer with Training of Rural Women in Uganda

Training of Rural Women in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Training of Rural Women in Uganda (TORUWU) supports women in the local community through providing opportunities to enhance their craft making skills. We also have projects for the children of the community.

Women Development

Volunteers are needed to teach our youth: English, sports and music.

Work with the women: healthcare and projects.
we also need very much a physiotherapist (or advanced students) that can help with handicapped children from our community.


Short term volunteers- 2 weeks to 3 months Long term volunteers- 6 months


Volunteers stay with a host family and receive 3 meals a day.

Volunteers only need to pay $4 PER DAY for accommodation and meals.


After a long day in the field, the women gather at TORUWU everyday to work together to create high quality products. As a result, the social and economic well being of the women has changed.So far, has trained over than 250 women from 5 different villages. Many of them have decided to take up crafts as their income generating project, and so far it has proved to be successful.

TORUWU, in partnership with other organizations, promotes regular workshops that comes to issues related to AIDS, malaria and other diseases; as well as good nutrition, hygiene notions and adequate feeding.
Many of these women are living with HIV, which makes it even more essential these workshops, since it allows them to not only acquire the learning provided by the speakers, but also clarify their doubts.

MUSHROOM GROWING trains women groups to grow mushrooms for an income and better nutrition.

TORUWU also works with women to produce “Wine of Cana”.

TORUWU's primary school - this program aims at contributing to the development of youth and children by training them to be self reliant through increased access to basic education and vocational skills by equipping the young with economic empowerment. It also aims at raising the status of the disadvantaged young people through music training.

TORUWU also extends its services to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) by offering beads accessories for training. Some necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made out of beads and recycled paper with frashy imagination of children.

Up to 5 people

P.O Box 29544, Kampala , Uganda, Kampala, Uganda.


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