Turtle Watch Camp Malaysia

Turtle Watch Camp (TWC) was developed alongside Marine Park to increase the survival of sea turtle hatchlings and eggs laid on Tengah island and the surrounding islands of Johor, through its controlled hatchery and monitoring of natural nests. Promoting and enacting environment conservation.

Volunteering Activities

Conservation Work

What We Need

Turtle Watch Camp is currently recruiting volunteers to join our conservation efforts from the upcoming March-October season, at Batu Batu Resort, Malaysia. As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to work closely with our conservation team on a variety of projects, which will expand your knowledge and experience on the environment conservation field. Projects involve, but are not limited to:
• Conservation of the endangered Green Turtle and critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle
• Underwater surveys of P. Tengah coral reefs
• Underwater visual fish surveys
• Beach and underwater clean-ups
• Educational activities with guests and resort staff

Apart from these projects, we are currently developing terrestrial and sustainability projects that will be included on the work scope of 2018 volunteers. This may involve habitat restoration, bird surveys and insect samplings.

Volunteer Requirements
All the volunteers must meet the following requirements in order to be accepted on the programme:
• Be 18 years old or above
• Be comfortable in the water / Good swimmer
• Physically fit and able to walk long distances on both sand and in the jungle
• Hold a scuba diving certification (desirable but not mandatory)
• Comfortable to spend the night on a specific beach with one other volunteer or staff member during the turtle nesting peak season
• Comfortable sharing a bedroom with other volunteers
• Hold a medical insurance valid for Malaysia and, only for certified divers, an up to date dive insurance
• Outgoing, friendly, team player, open minded, passionate about nature and conservation
• Hardworking and committed
• Be able to communicate and write in English
• Preference will be given to applicants with biology, conservation or environmental science backgrounds
• Long term volunteers (4 weeks or more) are require to hold a diving certification or be willing to be certified as an Open Water diver by Batu Batu’s dive instructors.

When & Who

Volunteer between March - October
Minimum 2 weeks

What we Provide


100% of our volunteer’s fee goes towards covering the costs of running the conservation programme. Food, basic shared accommodation, boat transfer in and out of the island, and snorkelling/dive gear are included on the price. Depending on the volunteer’s duration, it is also possible to complete a diving course, at your own expense, upon advance booking.


Our Fees

No fees

Cost of the program (all prices are subject to an extra 6% GST):
 2 weeks: 1800 RM (no dive course allowed)
 3 weeks: 2200 RM (no dive course allowed)
 4 weeks: 2500 RM (one short dive course allowed – OW, AOW, EFR or Rescue)
 10 weeks: 6250 RM w/ a discount of 1000 RM after completion of the 10 weeks period (more than 1 short dive course allowed)
 100 RM per extra day

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Contact Person

Mariana Pereira
Batu Batu Resort, Mersing, Malaysia.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Please spread the word, follow our facebook page, share our posts, and print and display our posters if you are not able to join us here. Call us on +60177550419 or email us at conservation@batubatu.com.my – www.turtlewatchcamp.org

Turtle Watch Camp is located on the beautiful Tengah Island seven nautical miles from Mersing, Malaysia. The private island boasts two wonderful reefs off its shores, home to an array of colorful fish families, attracting visitors such as dolphins and endangered sea turtles.

Turtle Watch Camp should be your next destination.  Come join our team and help with hatchery and beach patrols, underwater and beach clean-ups, data collection for nesting turtles and hatchlings, conservation turtle talks, and island projects. Make a difference and help us to kick start turtle conservation across Malaysia.

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