New Delhi, India, South Asia
Udyogini is an NGO, helping poor women in remote and backward areas of India build microenterprises and become entrepreneurs

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Women Empowerment

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We need volunteers to help in doing field research/studies/assessments/analysis and providing support in developing/designing communication material/content for organization's visibility on different platforms including social media.

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Udyogini, B-23, First Floor, Shivalik, Malaviya Nagar, New Delhi - 110017, India Phone: +91-11-26691153, +91-11-26691183, New Delhi, India.

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More than 50 people

Udyogini - means woman entrepreneur. Udyogini, the organization, is registered as a Society under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860.Udyogini came into existence in 1992, entered the microenterprise domain through the 'Women's Enterprise Management Training Outreach Program' (WEMTOP), which was initiated and funded by the World Bank Institute. Through this support Udyogini developed the concept of and manual for Grassroots Management Training (GMT), which is now a core activity in Udyogini's work in India and in many NGO and government programs around the world. Udyogini’s has been working in the field of women entrepreneurship and enterprise promotion with a vision to foster gender equality by improving socio - economic status of women to fully participate in decision making in domestic and public spheres. Udyogini’s mission is to provide customized quality business development services to enable women to enhance their income, access better education and health services for their children with a special focus on girls. The organization has been working with poor women to improve their skills as producers, build their attitude as entrepreneurs, and enhance their knowledge of the markets they operate in, so as to ensure sustainable returns and enterprise resilience to match market dynamism.
Since 1992, Udyogini has built knowledge & skills of teams from NGOs and government to outreach more than 2,50,000 rural women nationally and internationally and directly impacted 50,000 women to more than double their income in 15 different value chain products/services.