Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization

We are an organization working to create jobs and businesses,provide technical vocational training and provide climate change and HIV/AIDS information to youths and women specially teenage mothers as well as caring for vulnerable children,youth and women.

Volunteering Activities

Conservation Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

We need volunteers who can help in our our project " Never undermine the strength of one week face volunteer" for creating short term projects in the communities ,these projects are in form of work camps and these projects are created in construction for the vulnerable teenage mothers and schools.they are also created in farming where we practice vegetable growing for the poor urban school children,
We also use volunteers in fundraising for the projects like,provide sanitary pads for the poor urban school girl child,provide the internet to make the world small, in this project we help the vulnerable youth to strengthen their career in sourcing for jobs,friends,skills in writing CVs and linking the youths to the international world.

When & Who

For the work camps summer and for the individuals, all year round
Yes, we require a minimum of 12 Months
some one is free to stay up to 12 months but this means that will be paying $800 after the expiry of 1 month one time payment fee of $1000
Individuals, Groups

What we Provide

visitations to neighboring tourist attraction features, i.e Kasubi toms, Entebbe zoo, Kavumba recreational center.

break fast, lunch and dinner

Hot Water
Local SIM Card

Our Fees


The fees is composed of the volunteers' programs worked upon.
The airport pickup and off.
Feeding while at the host families including other amenities


No reviews yet.

More Services we Offer

May have additional fees

TV watching with family members where the volunteer is hosted.

Contact Person

150 meters off Kasubi tombs street behind St Andrews Kasubi church of Uganda, P.o box 14349 Men go Kampala, Kampala, Uganda.

Other Ways to Help

Clothes to our vulnerable groups and for tailoring classes,, laptops,donations,land for UYSTO expansion,cameras, books,back packers,smartphones for the use to access internet, even if old.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Administrative work,which involves managerial,supervisory and production of products and reports writing as well as field work.


Possible accommodation is available but i do not recommend, volunteers staying in hotels,securing visas to participate in Uganda volunteering activities at UYSTO, u need to secure an invitation letter and u must be given an access to our organizational code number.
However there is a possibility that one can also pay the visa at the airport at a cost between $50-100.

No we have all round volunteer hosting, however for the work camps seasons, they have their specific periods.

UYSTO, a nonprofit organization, contribute to the improvement of young peoples' lives through school, community based education and other innovative means for sustainable development. Thematic intervention areas: technical vocational education development, Care and support to underprivileged groups, Environmental conservation and management and HIV/AIDS and other diseases general awareness. Target group children, youths and women especially teenage mothers.
UYSTO holds work camps as part of the activities, a tremendous development work to communities by volunteers from all over the word under project " Never undermine the strength of one-week face volunteer project" has been registered. In these projects, volunteers have taken needy children back to schools, constructed houses for neglected teenage mothers, painted schools and helped in the hospital

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