Universal ministry of Africa International

Dar es salaam Tanzania East Africa, Tanzania, Africa
The trust was established as non-government organization (NGO) voluntary and charitable non-profit making organization.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Social Work

What We Need

Teaching.Agriculture,Childcare ,Women Development and construction

When & Who

Any time
2 weeks to 12 weeks

What we Provide


We provide meals for example rice,bananas,yams ,potatoes etc


Our Fees

No fees

USD 145 per week

No Reviews

No reviews yet.

Contact Person

P.o Box 75185 Dar es salaam Tanzania East Africa, Dar es salaam Tanzania East Africa, Tanzania.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

Also we will arrange local tours to volunteers

Universal Ministry of Africa Trust (UMOA-Trust) (hereinafter referred to as “Voluntary and Charitable non-profit making organization”) is an NGO established primarily for evangelistic activities but since its objective are extended till to the social services to the community surrounding its members and community member in needy, series of innovation realized and broaden organization activities thus seen member being increased, empowered and supported in with essential social economic services.

It dedicated to create people centred, suitable and sustainable social-economic opportunities for the poor and mind income earner to develop , own and sustain their development initiatives in order to flee out poverty, have social equality and responsible government believed in good governance and accountability through facilitation of development project s that help people to create and strengthen self-sustainable employment.

As church led organ; that aim to buster social-development interventions and advisory services to drive social changes, enhance resources management, promote access to quality basic health and improve quality education, promote peace and security, strengthen social micro economic development, promote and advocate child needs and right and family welfare.

Aims and Objectives UMOA-Trust are as follows;

• To help people experience a growing knowledge of God and man.
• To initiate conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of environment and tourism.
• To own Primary school, Secondary school, Technical vocation training institute and Adult institute as well as other institute.
• To cooperate with other bodies, local or foreign whose aims, interest and objectives are similar to those of UMOA- Trust.
• To conduct guidance and counselling to the community
• To establish information communication technologies
• To establish the library
• To educate the public on danger of HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted disease (STD) and conduct counselling to HIV/AIDS victims and monitoring the resources and contributions received from donor to reach them intact.
• To experience an increasingly meaningful fellowship with God and fellow believers.

To build a network of churches, ministries and businesses through which God’s network of life can transform people, their communities and the system they participate in.

To establish congregations and ministries that developed mature Saints, who love God and his beloved son Jesus Christ with everything they’ve got, genuinely love their neighbours and participate in the expansion of the Kingdom of God all over the world.