Volunteer with Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda

Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda

Legal Registration Number: 13893937
We are an organization of volunteers with 4x4 vehicles to bring Humanitarian Aid and logistic support to people in need when emergencies and disasters happen in remote, isolated and difficult to access places not reached by aid and emergency services

Human Rights

Agriculture Work
Web Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief

Our present project consists in Reconstruction of the Irrigation systems in Chilca valley located 65km south of Lima, Peru. The area is rural and was severely affected from January to April 2017 by natural disasters: intense rains causing mudslides and river floodings destroying roads and irrigation systems, During the crisis phase of the disasters Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda assisted 8 communities in the valley with humanitarian aid supplies to relief the consequences of being isolated for 4 weeks because the mudslides and river floodings. The work will include field work and office work also help for fundraising and web work. Driver license and multitask habilities are desirable. More info about the Chilca valley event is available in the web: http://unidad4x4ayudaemergenciasperu.blogspot.pe/2017/03/chilca-valley-present-situation-report.html Bring your computer and GPS navigator if possible

The volunteers are needed any time between September 2017 until the end of the project that is planned to be around Dec 2018 -depending on the progress of the project.

Length of program Program Fee $USD
1 week $180
2 weeks $330
3 weeks $470
4 weeks $555
5 weeks $650
6 weeks $745
8 weeks $935
10 weeks $1,125
12 weeks $1,315
16 weeks $1,695
20 weeks $2,075
24 weeks $2,455

1 week


24/7 in-country support
Airport pick-up
Program orientation
Volunteer placement
Discounts on language lessons

Our organization of volunteers with 4x4 vehicles is focused in providing Huamanitarian Aid and Logistic Support to people and communities affected by disasters located in difficult to access remote, distant and isolated places, where aid and emergency service providers can not reach. With our vehicles we want to help the supporting measures to ensure access to people in need and to facilitate the free flow of assistance, as well as actions aimed at reinforcing disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction, and contributing towards strengthening resilience and capacity to cope with, and recover from, crises;

Up to 5 people

Visa, flights, travel insurance (mandatory), vaccinations, criminal background check, souvenirs, in-country trips or tours.
Transfer back to the airport at conclusion of the program
Spanish lessons (optional)
Spending money - Volunteers in Peru - Lima generally find US$60 to be sufficient for weekly expenses


Los Nogales 567, Chaclacayo, Lima, Peru.

: +51 990128105

100 T-shirts printed with U4x4A logo for the team members -locals and foreigners
100 hats
10 VHF handheld two way radios
500 gallons of fuel -petrol, for the field work with the 4x4 vehicles

Tours and Treks
Lima, Peru
Miraflores, Lima, Peru 7.3km
Tours and Treks
Huancayo, Peru 199km