Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda

We are an organization of volunteers with 4x4 vehicles to bring Humanitarian Aid and logistic support to people in need when emergencies and disasters happen in remote, isolated and difficult to access places not reached by aid and emergency services

Online Volunteering

Below is a list of online tasks we would love help with!
Web Work
Create a responsive website 40 - 50 hours
Video Creation
Create a fundraising video 20 - 30 hours
Assigned to
Content Writing
Translate our website to English 20 - 30 hours
Assigned to
Content Writing
Write English posts for our Facebook page Ongoing
Assigned to

Contact Person

Anibal Paredes
Los Nogales 567, Chaclacayo, Lima, Peru.
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Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Office duties: phone calls answering, paperwork, internet/social media networking, archive management, volunteers register, accounting, logistics, goods inventory, radio-communications, etc.
Field duties: car driving, aid supplies storage and distribution, mapping, field data collect, interaction with local communities, goods shopping, general support, etc
Volunteers house duties: house keeping, cooking, cleaning, garbage disposal, maintenance, etc

Our organization of volunteers with 4x4 vehicles is focused in providing Huamanitarian Aid and Logistic Support to people and communities affected by disasters located in difficult to access remote, distant and isolated places, where aid and emergency service providers can not reach. With our vehicles we want to help the supporting measures to ensure access to people in need and to facilitate the free flow of assistance, as well as actions aimed at reinforcing disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction, and contributing towards strengthening resilience and capacity to cope with, and recover from, crises;