Upendo Children Education and Rehabilitation center

Nairobi , Kenya, Africa
We are Upendo children Education and Rehabilitation center

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

The community project requires teaching, fundraising resource mobilization, networking and partnership development

When & Who

Considering the quest we have always had in order to make changes in our projects, we kindly suggest, we would really appreciate if this was done soonest so that they can be connected to a variety of employment projects for the community.
When it comes to duration, the project involved is actually flexible and we would wish that the volunteers spend more time to help us overcome these challenges. We would suggest at least 8 weeks to enable the volunteers to familiarize with the projects objectives and needs founded on the future development of the programs we provide

What we Provide


We have community lodgings that is affordable and it will be to give back to the community for meals. We will provide, ugali, Matoke, Hither, Miranda, porridge coffee, water, sweet potatoes, and traditional meals


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Contact Person

Upendo C E R P. O. Box 10781 -00400 Nairobi -Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

Food,Learning material e.g books, pens textbooks, playtoys,desks

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

This is a community based project in Huruma, subcounty Mathare starehere District. We aim to provide home based solution to the numerous, social and economic problems especially for young and women from slums. The government of Kenya is the main partner in all our projects from registration
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