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We make education accessible for the indigenous population in North Vietnam.

Ha Giang Province, Vietnam, South East Asia

Our business focuses on education, responsible tourism and local indigenous knowledge conversation.

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Tri Shan
Khen village, Dao Duc commune, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam.
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5 to 10 people

Volunteers can help us with:
-IT skills, developing technical skills and community project
-Supporting vocational training program, equipping youth with the skills and knowledge;
-Help with social media for Tea House
-Implementing marketing strategies for fair trade products (for long term volunteers)
-Making documentary film about natural organic tea mountain of local tribes to promote tea products & responsible tourism services for local;

We are an official social enterprise, located in the north of Vietnam. We were established under Vietnam Enterprise Law and thus operate as a commercial organisation, but must also commit to investing at least 51% of annual profit in registered social or environmental goals. Highland CDS social enterprise commits to reinvest the entire profit generated to improve sustainable livelihood for local ethnic minority youth and local indigenous knowledge conservation.

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