Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue

We are a vegan rescue shelter and farm sanctuary

Volunteering Activities

Animal Care

What We Need

We need volunteers with some experience working with animals who can clean the shelter, feed animals, and care for our rescues. They need to have an attention to detail, a good sense of responsibility and reliability, and not be afraid of any species ad we have 5 with 45 animals. We are a vegan organization so all food consumed on the property must be vegan, but volunteers may eat as they wish off site. Handyman skills will be useful and a general enjoyment of cleaning and loving the animals is great. Couples welcome. Accommodations onsite 2 km from central Hoi An. Transportation not provided, but volunteers must have this. Motorbikes are preferable and can be rented in town. Hours are 5-8am in summer and 2:30-5pm, 7-10am in winter and 2:30-5pm, but also there are many projects that can be done that you might want to use the hours for. Otherwise we are near a beach, the river, and the UNESCO World Heritage old town.

When & Who

Immediately, running throughout the year
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Month
One month minimum

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

The housing is available for a couple or single person in our shelter in their own room with shared bathroom. This means the volunteers need to be responsible and be able to adhere to the hours of working time in the neighborhood as the speakers come on at 5am and the animals need to be inside and quiet by no later than 10pm. You would need to rent a bike or motorbike for transport to the city.

Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water
Air Conditioning
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$4 daily
$200 One-time

Fees are used only to cover the cost of rent and utilities in the building. We do not make any profit off of this. $50 per week, but only $25 if you stay 2 months or more.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off

We will have a car get you from the airport/ train station if you arrive that way. We also arrange your transport for leaving.

Contact Person

Catherine Besch
Xa Cam Ha, Hoi An, Vietnam.
17% response rate

Other Ways to Help

good quality medium dog collars, harnesses, and leads, medicated eye and ear drops for dogs and cats, toys, any good quality garden tools from the West.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Cleaning the floors, letting dogs in and out and supervising them in the garden, walking dogs, cleaning the barn and washing pigs, feeding all animals twice a day, construction projects on the property for maintenance and additional enrichment.


Off site accommodation is available for those who would like to pay for that themselves. We can suggest companies that arrange these things.

Winter is quite rainy, so there might be less gardening work and more indoor maintenance. Spring requires a lot of time to get rid of the mildew from the rainy season.

We focus on animal rights education for school children as we work to end the exploitation of all species of animals. We have been in Hoi An for almost 5 years and we are moving to Hanoi in 2018.

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