ARUSHA, Tanzania, Africa
Vision for Youth empowers young people aged 15-35 to change their lives for a brighter future. We believe in working together to expand our impact. Our projects focus on health promotion, economic empowerment, and civic engagement to achieve our vision of a responsible and independent society.

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What We Need

As a volunteer we welcome you to an organization where you are helping to change life for a brighter future, for all of the Tanzanian society. When we start with educating and giving youth a better chance, we are also impacting the future for everyone. You can be a part of this. We value volunteers in our organization and we need your assistance and expertise to be able to achieve our mission. You will be joining a transparent and including organization where you will have the freedom to work with projects that are beneficial both to the organization as well as your own development.

We welcome volunteers in several different areas, we need volunteer to help us out in the project with the youth but also to work with your specialist area from the office. We have had appreciated volunteers in communication, HR, project management, fundraising as well as teaching and facilitating.

“Vision for Youth became my second family. From never having heard of the city of Arusha, it suddenly became a place that I immediately connected with – thanks to the people that welcomed me so wholeheartedly. It’s the personal touch, the laughs we shared, the creative projects we realized together that will always be part of me. Every week was a new adventure, where we got one step closer to our common goal – building a responsible and independent society” - Sophie, communications volunteer.

As an volunteer you can, for example, be involved in:
* Coordinate V4Y activities, training logistics with schools and colleges.
* Maintain focal link between V4Y and the schools management.
* Facilitate V4Y workshops/trainings in sexuality, reproductive health and life skills.
* Developing teaching strategies and curricular for behavior change program/Jitambue.
* Assisting in teaching English language and computer skills to youth groups
* Managing V4Y social medias and website.
* Developing reports such as activity reports, monthly etc.
* Assisting in initiating and organizing fundraising events / activities.
* Looking at different ideas to help improve V4Y projects and organization activities.
* Help in project write-ups, management and implementation strategies.

Send us information about your background and what you are interested in and we will be happy to have your assistance to brighten the future!

When & Who

Any time.
3 Weeks
Individuals, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Volunteer House

We do provide shared rooms accommodation where you live together with 3-5 other volunteers, both local and international. Whereby volunteers should contribute for housing, airport transfer and meals.

Meals are mainly Tanzanian local foods.

Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees


No Volunteer fee


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Contact Person

P.O BOX 8323, ARUSHA, Tanzania.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Entrepreneurship - V4Y works to address Employment and poverty issue in Tanzania and East Africa Community by providing entrepreneurial education to youth – Livelihood and Self-Employment. Facilitate Productive employment skills for young people. We focus on identifying, building, and strengthening informal out of school groups of young people, especially vulnerable girls who are often excluded from enterprise development V4Y recognize the importance of young people being able to escape poverty via self-employment. (Under the EYE Project).

Youth Civic Engagement / Participation – V4Y aim to increase Youth participation in Development by promoting good governance and social accountability.

Sexual, Reproductive health Rights & Life skills - Promoting safe sexual, reproductive practices and youth livelihood development, youth access to information, services and resources necessary to help them make healthy decisions in lives.

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