Vista Hermosa Farm Project

An educational, hands-on, working model for bio-intensive organic permaculture farming.

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Salitrales de Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica, Salitrales, Costa Rica.
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Up to 5 people

To help direct daily/weekly farm projects and maintenance, direct meal activities, aid volunteers with any problems or issues and help organize social activities.

Our project is designed to create a working model of a bio-intensive, organic, sustainable permaculture farm and to use this model in conjunction with traditional teaching methods (lectures, films, literature) to create a hands-on learning experience. Volunteers/interns will learn how to grow a larger quantity of food per square meter (enough to feed a typical family on an average size suburban lot). Using these methods, we will build and cultivate our own high-quality soil while maintaining a low carbon impact on the environment. In addition, our program will teach methods to help develop a self-sustained and environmentally sound way of living. Our farm will implement these methods and our goal is that it will not only feed a group of volunteers, workers, and directors but that it will also provide additional fresh organic produce to the local community over time. Moreover, we will incorporate other projects such as reforestation, soil erosion prevention, community development, community and environmentally friendly entrepreneurship, and more.