Volunteer with Vivamar, Bottlenose Dolphin Research

Vivamar, Bottlenose Dolphin Research

Savudrija, Croatia, Europe

Vivamar, established in 2002, is a non for profit research organisation taking care for conservation of the last resident Bottlenose Dolphins in the NE Adriatic. A true Ambassador of dolphins to people. doing a good thing to preserve the whole Marine Ecosystem. Join us and help dolphins!

We offer once in a lifetime hands on experinece directly by going out to the sea and research bottlenose dolphins! Our mission is to research, educate, and inspire for the conservation of the threatened local dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the northeast Adriatic, within the European Unioun: in Slovenia and off the west coast of Istria, Croatia. It is truly amazing experience within an international team.

Our Activities

What We Need

Your work is important in helping to protect the dolphin population that lives in this sensitive marine ecosystem. In your first week, you will attend morning lectures about marine mammals and marine ecology on both a local and global level locally. As a volunteer, you will learn how to understand valuable research data and actively help with dolphin conservation. You will also learn to distinguish between different dolphin species. Some of your tasks may include:

- Dolphin observation
- Data analyzing
- Entering data directly into the catalogue, including observation notes
- Educating the local public on bottlenose and their importance for the entire marine ecosystem.

Team dates for 2017 are:
1 17th APR - 26th APR
2 8th MAY - 18th MAY
3 22th MAY - 31th MAY
4 5th JUN - 15th JUN
5 19th JUN - 29th JUL
6 3rd JUL - 13th JUL
7 17th JUL - 27th JUL
8 31st JUL - 10th AUG
9 21st AUG - 31st AUG
10 4th SEP - 14th SEP
11 18th SEP - 28th OCT
12 5th OCT - 15th OCT
10 days.

What We Provide


Accommodations: You will stay in an apartment with at least one project coordinator. An appartment has a beautiful terrace with the open seaview and plenty of relaxation possibilites as it is situated right next to the meadow and above the sea. There are only two shared rooms available, with max 3 more volunteers per room. Each room is equipped with bunk beds. There is also an air conditioner with cooling and heating capabilities in the apartment along with a western style bathroom. The apartment’s entrance extends to a spacious terrace overlooking the surrounding area, which is a great place to hang out. In addition, there is a common room with a TV and computers for your use and enjoyment.

Food: Three meals a day are included. (Meals are mostly vegetarian). There will be one night grilling behind the house, like a party-like dinner. Regular visits to a supermarket allow you to purchase snacks and other personal items, if required.
Internet: WiFi is available for free at the research base until 10 p.m. each night.
Laundry: Washing machine is available for 5 EUR per wash.

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

Up to 5 people


The costs are all covered with the fee. 11 days- full board, all inclusive, boat rides while researching, a local excursion. The costs do not cover trapsortation cost to the base and a health insurance.


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Help out from Home


One of the important missions is to create a DEC (Dolph Education Centre). Why? Please see: http://vivamar.org/dolphin-education-center/
and help us to keep the dolphins in the area. You can simply share, share, share on the social media or can directly HELP us getting more donations with the small amounts (starting with 10US$). Donators always get something in return - that's the MOST fun! :) Please help us spread the word also. The most active helpers can then get gadgets themselves! :) THANK YOU in the name of dolphins!

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Darja Ribaric
Istarska 23, Zambratija, Croatia, Savudrija, Croatia.
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Other Information

Contact us on info@vivamar.org to agther more information how to rich us to our research base, what are best flight options and other needed details. Your woek and support is crucial for our dolphin conservation. So you are warmly welcome.

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