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Volunteer Building Cambodia is a registered NGO in Siem Reap, Cambodia - the primary aim of which is to improve the living conditions of local families in need.

We currently have 4 different project:
House building project - We build traditional Khmer style stilted houses in areas such as Treak village, Bos village and other rural areas near Siem Reap. Families are generally on the lowest rung of the poverty ladder, destitute and include widows/widowers with children, barely able to provide one meal a day of rice. We access the poorest families with the help of our own local Social Worker or through the Chiefs of the villages.

In addition to building new houses we also carry out repairs to houses if it is more economical than building a new house. This option can sometimes mean less inconvenience to families who may have to live in temporary accommodation if the new house is to be built on the site of the current house.

Toilet building project and health and hygiene education.

Clean well project - One of the most pressing issues facing rural villagers in Cambodia is a lack of clean drinking water. Currently, villagers and residents in remote areas drink from pools of standing water or from streams and canals. The water is contaminated with bacteria and polluted with waste. Sickness from dirty water impacts on the lives of the already poor by preventing adults from working and children from attending school. In extreme cases this dirty water leads to terminal illness.

There are countless communities in Siem Reap Province alone that don't have access to clean, safe water. You can help change their lives immediately.

School project - Our programme supplements the state system - by offering an education and safe place for the children to be just children.
Our nursery not only allows the children a fun environment in which to learn it gives, siblings a chance to learn or mum a chance to train or work.
Our recently commenced Information Technology classes endeavor to educate for jobs in the 21st century.

Our Activities

What We Need

General labour work - measuring, sawing, chiselling, marking up posts, hammering, drilling, etc.

All year round (except for Khmer New Year, King's Birthday, Pchum Ben and Water Festival public holidays)
One week

What We Provide


Included in your volunteer fees is airport/bus station pick-up, guesthouse accommodation, breakfast, daily transport to and from site and 24-hour in-country support

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

Up to 5 people


•1 week US$490
•2 weeks US$650
•3 weeks US$810
•4 weeks US$970
•5 weeks US$1,120
•6 weeks US$1,270
•7 weeks US$1,420
•8 weeks US$1,570

For each additional week over 8 weeks add $120

Groups generally fund a project itself (house build: US$2900; toilet build: US$500; well build: US$350) as it works out cheaper for them and guarantees they will be able to partake in the project they wish to (this option is also available for individuals/small groups)

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Sinn Meang
#467 Ta Puhl Village, Svaydangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
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