Vrygrond Youth Sports Development

Cape Town, South Africa, Africa
Vrygrond Youth Sports Development empowers underprivileged youth to be educated, involved in sports and partake in our life-skills, work-skills and rehabilitation programs to help them improve their lives, realise their potential and make an important break in the poverty cycle.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

Sports Coaches, Music Teachers, Literacy Teachers, Computer Skills Teachers, Crafts Teachers/Supervisors, Life Coaching, Social Workers, Fundraising, Event Management, Marketing, Web Development, Business, Preparation and Presentation of life-skills/work-skills work shops...

There is a lot to do! We are open to hearing from volunteers with the above skills or volunteers who would like to assist in general.

When & Who

1 week

What we Provide


We offer accommodation which involves staying with one of our friendly host families. The cost per week of $100US covers accommodation, pre-departure orientation, three meals per day and airport pickup and drop off.


Our Fees

No fees

$100US pw

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Contact Person

Vrygrond, Cape Town, South Africa.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

We hope this unique opportunity interests you and look forward to working together to help youth realise their potential beyond their circumstances and break the cycle of poverty.

Vrygrond Youth Sports Development is an organisation located in an underprivileged community known as Vrygrond (about 20km from Cape Town city centre). Vrygrond has 40,000 residents (10,000 of which are youth) all of whom struggle with the realities of poverty on a day to day basis with high rates of unemployment (over 80%), crime, substance abuse and HIV prevalence up to 20% making it a very difficult place for children to grow up.

Our volunteers have the special opportunity to contribute at a grass-roots level, working on the problems from the inside out in the heart of a Cape Town township, a very unique and rewarding experience.

As a volunteer you may be involved in coaching and supporting our sports teams, preparing and presenting life-skills workshops (education on topics building up resilience to life's challenges e.g. HIV/AIDS, conflict management, first aid etc), work-skills workshops (skills development for greater employability e.g. computer skills, resume development, product making skills). There may also be the opportunity for involvement in other projects such as fundraising, developing relationships with local businesses to create employment opportunities for youth involved in our programs, planning and preparation for our community events, involvement in our organisation's band 'Community Sound' and craft workshops.

We also love to hear from volunteers who wish to bring their own skills and ideas to assist the organisation and are happy to discuss how we can best utilise these skills/ideas to pursue our goals and assist the community.