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Maputo, Mozambique, Africa
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We are a brand that provides affordable reusable pads and fact based information on the period

What We Need

When & Who

Nope, we don't require a minimum duration

Contact Person

Maputo, Mozambique.

Other Ways to Help

Grant Writing

Wamina wants to start implementing projects in the community that are more sustainable and for that we need volunteers that can help us fund raise, look for and write grant proposals.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people


Wamina is a Mozambican Social Enterprise project at Filipa Carreira Servicos that promotes girl empowerment through the distribution of affordable reusable menstrual pads, an economic, ecological, and healthy option for adequate menstrual hygiene management.

Wamina promotes female empowerment and self development by facilitating fact based information about the period in an effort to promote healthy menstrual hygiene habits, positive body image, increasing girls' self esteem and self confidence through Wamina Workshops
Wamina also aims to support social entrepreneurship by promoting the development of a Wamina Microfranchising model through Wamina Ambassadors.


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