Wiracocha Foundation we rescue, protect and promote the products of the our biodiversity, for a sustainable future.

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Help WIRA to sell their super food products of the agro-biodiversity.
Help WIRA to contact with experts from different countries who wish to collaborate with the cause of WIRA
Help WIRA to contact potential entities, companies or persons interested to help WIRA.
Help WIRA to get financing.

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Avenida Tizon Y Bueno 267, Jesús María, Lima, Peru.

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5 to 10 people

Wiracocha for Investigation of Resources Ancient (WIRA) is
a non-governmental organization, non-profit, located in the city of Lima, in the
department and province of the same name, in the Republic of the Peru, sovereign
country of South America. We are an organization focused on environmental and
humanitarian aid through the protection of our heritage. Actions that lead us to develop
actions for the human beings can live in harmony with their natural and cultural

The Foundation

We are a nonprofit organization based in South America - Peru. As a foundation our main goal is rescuing, preserving, promoting, and continue with the cause of development and innovation of the multiple and various pre-Hispanic cultures. This vast ancient wisdom is an endless source of knowledge, cultural background, tangible wealth, immeasurable ancient heritage.

Currently the main Wiracocha Foundation mission is to rescue the extensive agricultural wisdom hidden in the many surviving vestiges to the Spanish conquest. Among archaeological remains, inherited knowledge, indigenous cultural traditions, ethnobotany, folklore, etc. This make up the broad agricultural-botanical technological legacy of the pre-Hispanic cultures that we need to keep for use by future generations.

Through the enhancement of ancient agricultural engineering, coupled with modern techniques, we seek to promote agricultural innovation for the future. This involves rescuing, safeguard and promote hundreds of still existing and unknown crops in Peruvian territory. Through this great axis of participatory work we seek to benefit important aspects of our lines of action, and in this way give efficient and sustainable solutions to the existing socio economic problems.


Our mission is to rescue, preserve and promote the extensive biodiversity in Peruvian territory, (this thanks to three fundamental natural aspects of the varied Peruvian geology: cordillera of the andes, the "El Niño" phenomenon and effect anticyclone) coupled with the wide rich ancient wisdom.


Our future vision is to be an expanded and multi-sectoral organization. To become an institution that can contribute substantially to the development, and help improve environmental, social, and economic issues. In this way be able to extend our help and expertise to other parts of the Peru, America and the world.