Women empowering and entepreneurship development organization (weedo)

Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Africa
We are non profit organization that provide counselling program for the young girls, entrepreneurship skills for both women and girls , we are also educate community about environment awareness,

Volunteering Activities

Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

1. We need someone who can help us on counselling program for the young girls aged 16 to 23 and older women, we are supporting vulnerable girls , some of these girls live in extremely poverty environment , we need an individual or group of people who passionate to do counselling to help them see positive life and better future .

2. ENGLISH TEACHER: We need someone who is passionate to teach a group of adolescent girls , the girls who did get opportunity to go to school so this is only way for them to have language skills that will help them to make their future and better life .

3. ADMINISTRATIVE TASK: Are you passionate on sharing your experience on writing technical reports and the strategies for writing proposal

4. YOUTH PROGRAM: are you passionate working with young girls and young mother . We need an individual or people who can help us to develop or create different program to empower women , to think about business or anything that can empower women economically and knowledge .
5. SPORT TEACHER : We would love to have your support and experience on sport , YOGA , NETBALL, HANDBALL, BASKETBALL with adolescent girls , make your own team , Team WEEDO. We hope its very possible to find other talents they do have through one game .
6. SEWING AND CLOTHING TECHNOLOGY: Are you passionate into fashion and design , we are looking for someone who can teach the adolescent girls on sewing and design , we are supporting young girls aged from 14 to 23 , these girls did not get opportunity to continue with school because of poverty we use other talents to help them build their future
7. MARKETING AND ENTREPRENEURS: We lack people to help us in marketing and entrepreneurship , we would love to have more knowledge .Thank you.
8. Weed volunteers to teach kindergarten, English subject , or numbers or Art/Drawing or Sport.


When & Who

we need them immediately ,
Yes, we require a minimum of 15 Days
We dont have any limitation for staying . If your VISA allow you do so.
Individuals, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide


Self contained Master room or shared rooms, beds. electricity,water.


1. Breakfast
2. lunch

First Aid

Our Fees

$15 daily

For now , we dont have one time fee, it's just free entrance, we want to be free because they are coming to help our community on certain important issues. But we can think about in the future, BUT NOTHING IS PERMANENT

DRINKING WATER IS EXCLUDED. You have to buy drinking water which cost only 2 dollar for 13 liter.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities


1. Orientation- included from the fee
2. Social Activities example home visiting within the area ,

1. Pick up/Drop off
2.Tour- city tour
3. Drinking water

Contact Person

Rehema Konza
482 Dar es salaam, Dar es salaam, Tanzania.
90% response rate , 77 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to Help

Traditional cooking, dancing , language lesson.

we sometime eat together if she /he prefer to live like family.
We cook typical Tanzanian food , but if volunteers want to learn cooking on some food depend on the budget , because some food are very expensive

We also have an program to help volunteers meet new people , eat together , allow volunteers to cook Tanzanian food with local , it is kind of training how to cook and lean language with local together ,
This is special for volunteers who want to do OUTREACH , Its more typical local and you will be in between from local family . The family they walk with to the beach , you have conversation on different topics. IF YOU INTERESTED it cost $7

1. English books
2. sewing materials
3. Teaching materials
4. Sport clothes for girls

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

1. Report writing . weekly, monthly
2. Translation
3.social activities such as home visiting
4. program planning
5. Planning all program that volunteers need to do


One of the advantage is we are located close by the beach , 15 minutes to walk
close by the road , it is easy to travel even in the night,
30 minutes to be in city center

Yes , change according to the weight of those activities over time , You might come for only English lesson but we can add you swimming class too, depends on the demand and your flexibility to share with the girls your experience

WEEDO has projects in Dar es salaam and Morogoro rural area , dendends on volunteers preference, we are supporting vulnarable women and adolescent girl, by providing them life skills , entrepreneurship classes, private counselling , English class lessons and business skills

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