Womens Hope for Change

Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa
Women’s Hope for Change (WHFC) is a grass root Non-Governmental Organization formed in 2008 and it is registered under Trustees Incorporation Act. It was formed by a group of women who had passion to fight for women’ rights with high demand from the community and the District Assembly Authorities.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

Engaging Mothers groups ,
Facilitating field activities
Supporting the director with field report
Research partner who can help sustain mother initiative
Advocate for girls education and protection
Plan field work plan
Engaged girls in schools sexual health rights club activities

When & Who

As soon as possible
Yes, we require a minimum of 6 Months
less than a year based on the volunteer free time

What we Provide


Our Fees

$150 daily

P.o.Box 175, Mchnji , Central africa

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Contact Person

P.O. Box 175, Mchinji, off Mchinji border M 12 in Mchinji district council hall, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Other Ways to support us

Learning Materials for girls
Sewing Machine
Clothes for making reusable sanitary pad
Used clothes for girls
Used school bags
Sewing Thread
Stationery / computer , camera , printer

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Eradication of early marriages and retention in girls in schools.
Advocate for girl education among community members and district stakeholders.
Reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS among mothers through Promotion of Prevention of Mother to Child transmission.
Engaging the media house to advocate for women empowerment and girl child protection.
Women empowerment through Business and financial management skills
Advocacy Campaigns; victims of violence are able to take decisive actions through relevant procedure
Produced a CITIZEN CHARTER; This was a process of a consultative interface meeting for collection of governance issues in order to develop the action plan for Senior Chief Mkanda.
The organization has conducted 5 assessments on Water and Sanitation, Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission, Local Development undF, Public works Piped Water and Teachers houses projects using score cards process that has enabled projects to be completed by relevant service providers.
Promotion of education among vulnerable children in school by provision of uniforms and school leaning materials.

Yes the activities change according to months as planned

Women's Hope for Change is women and girl centered organization based in Mchinji founded in 2008 as NGO to support and empower vulnerable mothers and girl.The organization focuses on girls education , women empowerment and leadership , gender and human rights, Advocacy and community empowerment.
The organization was registered as independent entity with committed board members and full time staff with office based at Mchinji council hall opposite Mchinji post office off Mchinji boarder road
The organization values networking with organizations which have supportive objectives that provide interactive forum on cross cutting issues.
The overall goal of Women’s Hope for Change is to contribute towards the promotion, protection respect and empowerment of women who face Gender Based Violence
WHFC envisions a society in which respect of Human Rights is a reality to all people including the disadvantaged groups of women, children with special emphasis on girls where the disadvantaged are empowered to know and defend their rights.
WHFC exists to ensure that the rights of all women and girls are always protected, promoted and fulfilled through advocacy, awareness raising, economic empowerment and paralegal services.
Organization Projects
Gender and Sexual reproductive health
Girls Education and human rights
HIV/AIDS and nutrition health education
Women empowerment and Advocacy
Live hood and climate change management
Child sponsorship and early child development
Organization Approach
Village Savings and Loans
The strength of micro loans is that they can be infectiously inspiring. One village has successfully introduced Village Savings and Loans, the concept often spread to other villages by itself

The concept of STAR-circles is to mobilize villages and encourage them to ventilate personal or common issues in circle meetings. STAR is an abbreviation for Societies Tackling AIDS through Rights which reveals that initially the circles were primarily used for mobilization against sexual diseases.
When we aim to improve the quality of teachers, for example, we use workshops. Because most teachers have not been to university, especially primary school teachers, but some of them have more knowledge. They are therefore involved in group work so that they can benefit from each other.
Theater for Development
By engaging in creative activities, sometimes issues can be brought up easier. That is why we introduce theaters in villages to deal with sexual and other difficult subjects.

Radio Listening Clubs
Radio is another means to create awareness of targeted issues. It can potentially reach a very large audience and is a relatively inexpensive method. We have both experience of installing community radio and clubs that listen, discuss the topics and act. When radio listening clubs have been introduced, more than one out of three villages have held them more than three times per month.

Other methods include:
Sensitization meetings
Role model imitative
Mentoring Mobilization
Field worker training
Capacity building of targeted cultural group