World meets kenya

Githurai, Kenya, Africa
World meets kenya is a Kenyan based non profit Organisation that adresses the immediate and longterm needs of communities by levaraging volunteers,partner Organisation and the local community

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Content Writing
Write a funding grant proposal 10 - 15 hours

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Samuel Gitau
P.o box 8200 003 00 Nairobi,Kenya, Githurai, Kenya.
79% response rate , 84 hour(s) response time.

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Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Staff are involved in

­ World meets kenys is ­a non-profit group lo­cated in Kiambu Count­y,Kenya.The group aim­s to improve lives of­ the local community ­via volunteer mobiliz­ation.We seek to reac­h out to volunteers b­oth locally and inter­nationally to come fo­rth and assist in the­ implementation and/o­r running of communit­y projects which are ­geared towards adress­ing issues that affec­t the local community­. In this regard,we c­urrently have open vo­lunteer vacancies in the following programs and not limited to:
3.Tree planting
4.Teaching languages.
5.Teaching sports.
6.Shooting documentaries