Wow Volunteer Vietnam Organization

Wow Volunteer Vietnam is a charity organization to benefit education in Vietnam, especially English teaching. It is founded and run by members of an Hanoian youth community. Volunteer and tour fees are contributed to the local communities. We are the end-organization the volunteers work with.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Conservation Work

What We Need

We are looking for volunteers who enjoy and have experience with teaching children between ages 13 and 16 at the local school or kindergarten, caring the wild animals inside park or working as local farmer at organic farms.
The ideal volunteer is sociable and keen on communicating with the local people. It would be perfect if oder than 20 at good level of teaching English. All volunteers must provide their CV, including details of their personality.
The jobs we can offer are:
- English teaching and assistantance teaching.
- Fundraising
- Working at organic farms: planting and harvesting or marketing the organic farm products.
- Caring the wild animals at the national parks
- Social media

When & Who

Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Month
Maximum duration stay is 1 year
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Types: Homestay

Will share house with the host family, you will have private sleeping space. They have hot water but don't have air-conditioner

Types: Variety

Full board meals included, at local food with the local family. Please note that the local food in Vietnam is quite nice for tourists when compare with other South East Asia countries.

Hot Water
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$15 daily
$68 One-time

One-time fee is for administration fee and donation fee to the project's workplace.
Daily fee is for your daily accommodation and food

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

For airport pick-up and drop-off transfer, our local coordinator will help you to arrange that by Air-conditioner Bus. The bus ticket is included in fee
The orientation is included in fee
For Social activities and Tours, our local coordinator will help you as free local guide if they have spare time.

Contact Person

Ms Duong
107, Nguyen Hien Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
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Other Ways to Help

Learning how to launch organic farm and produce organic food

You will have chance to gain this values:
*Learn the procession of launching 100% organic farm and how to create the natural plant protection. We never use chemical which will amaze you very much
*Enjoy organic lunch with 100% organic food from this farm
*Donation directly to the organic farm's owner


Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

About Visa, you just need normal tourist visa. We also can arrange it for you when you provide the scan of passport
About accommodation, it is nice and enough clean. The local community is very friendly and helpful even their English is not so good.

Our volunteer activities/projects are kept unchanged for whole year


Dear our beloved global volunteers, friends and relatives,

On the occasion of the very soon coming Christmas Eve, I am Duong - founder of WOW - would love to tell all you a little bit about my stories.

In 2008, when I graduated in my beloved university (Tourism department in the Social Sciences & Humanities university), I worked as tour guide for nearly 2 years to earn money for my family, my parents got divorced when I was so young and my mother really need my strong economic support to overcome this very hardship. During that time, I absorbed lots of western concept about our education and environment which seems to be much better ''version'' of what we were taught.

In 2010, I joined VPV volunteer organization (Vietnam for peace volunteers) with an invitation from Mr. Huan - one of my best friend. I spent 2 weeks to work and stay with other Korean, Canadian volunteers at the project of Rehabilitation Center. Our main tasks was to support the disable children to recover their basic function, cook food, plant trees and decorate this center to make it more alive and pretty.

However, for the beginner, all of these thing was quite new and a little bit strange for me and I need time to accommodate and find it interesting.

After voluntary experience, I came back to my job. From 2010 until now, I moved to various position in tourism (Tour Operator, Sales Executive in hotel) then just found out I am very suitable with Travel Consultant / Specialist position. When working, I can share what I know about my beloved country, can show my hospitality to our beloved clients and make lots of foreign friends to hear about their interesting stories. However, it happened again, I feel I was still lack of something what I can't describe it clearly.

In 2017, I had a chance to see Steffen - the founder of Rainbow Garden Village and heard about their volunteering activities in Africa and Asia except for Vietnam. So I am wondering why not Vietnam as our local community really need help also. I did imagine when I can do both travelling and volunteering at the same time, that's so cool for me. Then I just recognized the voluntary activities are what I am missing. That is why and how WVV (Wow Volunteer Vietnam) was found, it is a social organization that was born in 2017 to build-up the bridge between the foreign volunteer community and the local communities who really need help. Here under are some main facts we are facing to:

The very poor knowledge of the sustainable environment

The knowledge of personal finance management is under the standard

English speaking skill is not good enough at the workplace

As the result, we decide to focus on creating the efficient practical environment for both speaking English and protecting our wildlife. I am very happy as these projects received many positive feedback from our volunteers so far, especially our local coordinator. They did well-support the international volunteer to travel and explore our beloved country during weekend by their scooter or help our volunteers to find out a suitable public bus to get there.
Our head office is based in Hanoi capital city - Vietnam and we have 2 full time office staffs and 4 local coordinators on site (1 coordinator in each project). Our mission is to well-run our existing projects and find out more meaningful projects to make big influences on our society. We are the end-organization the volunteers work with.

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