Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa
YACAN is a locally based non-governmental organization made up of energetic and active youth. It was established by Sierra Leonean Youth and Children in the 2005 and youth themselves are entirely responsible for its operations and day to day management. It has a board made up of adults from differen

Volunteering Activities

Women Empowerment
Social Work

What We Need

we have work on women and girl empowerment
we have work on M&E for our project
we have work on Media and documentary of stories
we have work on social work for children inconflect with the law

When & Who

we will appreciate to have 2 volunteer in 2017, for fundraising, women empowerment or general.
we will also appreciate if we could have 5 or more in 2018 on social work, general and even 10 teachers
We will encourage volunteer that will stay between 3 Month to 12 months

What we Provide


Our Fees

No fees

YACAN will arrange low cost accommodation for volunteer and the volunteer will be responsible for internal transport cost, travel cost from own country and living cost during the stay. we also Hope that the volunteer will provide &100 for every 3 months as organizational contribution

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Contact Person

Hassan Fuad Kanu
13 Fort Sierra Leone, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

YACAN is also working towards the promotion of the well-being, protection and developments of young Sierra Leoneans. YACAN provides a platform for children and Youths from diverse background to come together and be trained as advocates in other to raise awareness in communities, engage with policy Makers, for better provision of social services such as Education, Health, security and influence policies.

YACAN also implements programmes such as:
o Educational programs for children and youth, both in and out of school.
o Life Skill Training for out of school youth and children in school
o Advocacy and Capacity strengthening on Human Right, Gender and development including Violence prevention and protection against abuse.
o Campaign for better facilities for Sexual Reproductive Health Education with specific interest on HIV and AIDS for young Sierra Leonean
o Policy Advocacy and Campaign for youth acceleration of economic growth, reducing poverty, increase in public accountability.
o Community development , Women empowerment and Girls Capacity Building
o Campaigns that prevent children from taking to crime and promoting Gender equity to give girls and young women second chances.
o Advocacy on youth and children imagine issues