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Yaowawit School is providing home and quality education for children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Yaowawit School is a public-private welfare boarding school for children from underprivileged families, located remotely in the rain forest 135km northeast of Phuket in Phangnga Province. Founded by 'The Children's World Academy Foundation' in Germany and in Thailand after the tsunami, that hit this area in 2004.
We want to provide our students with a safe and happy childhood as well as to prepare them to be able to support themselves and to become responsible and productive members of society. Learning about different occupations and work ethic is a part of the Thai curriculum, but we go one step further by providing our children with practical experience farming, hospitality, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and entrepreneurship.

Farming – Agriculture currently employs 40% of Thailand’s population, and according to the World Bank, that number is set to grow. Our children have class gardens where they learn about planting, plant growth and using organic products. It’s also a good opportunity for them to discuss healthy eating. The children take trips to our 192,000-square-metre farm as well where we have ducks and chickens to produce eggs (they are not killed), catfish and crops. The crops we grow include cucumber, bok choy, eggplant, long bean, lemongrass, morning glory, pineapple, palm, banana, chili, limes, ginger and tomato.

Hospitality – Hospitality services also employ a significant number of people in Thailand. To give our children training in hospitality, we have weekly lessons for children from Grade 4 onwards and work with Marriott Hotel to ensure that they are taught to high hospitality service standards. Our children are also involved with preparing guest rooms, preparing food and serving guests as practical experience. In addition to this, our partners sometimes invite our children to special training days where they can learn new skills and have some fun.

ICT – Technology’s role in society is growing and so we think it is important for our students to have computer skills for both future personal and professional use. We have 20 desktop computers (donated by Marriott) and 10 laptops (donated by Labdoo) available for our students to use. Our primary school students are taught to type, to research using the internet and basic skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). We build on this knowledge with our high school students and introduce them to Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker.

Entrepreneurship – As part of our entrepreneurship training, the children learn to make and sell herbal and souvenir products as well as food. The herbal products include balm, repellent lotion, massage oil and lemongrass tea and the souvenir products include bracelets, postcards, bookmarks and notepads. We take our products to the local markets and let the children explore. If they’re feeling brave enough, they can try selling their products themselves. Sometimes the children have the chance to visit and learn about local businesses too.

Apart from learning, Yaowawit School is a place where the children find home, friends and where you will experience a lot of activities with all students.

Our Activities

What We Need

Becoming a volunteer/intern at Yaowawit will give you the opportunity to learn, gain work experience, be immersed in authentic Thai culture and to have fun. We have a maximum of six volunteers/interns at any one time on our team. Our volunteer’s/intern’s main task is to assist in classes, tutorials and clubs and to interact with the children in English. We are working towards becoming a bilingual school and our volunteers/interns play an important part in our children’s English education. Volunteers/interns may also be asked to assist in office support. To encourage stability in the children’s lives, we prefer our volunteers/interns to stay for a minimum of one semester.

We are looking for you if you..
..have a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of children
..are fluent in English
..are tolerant of people from all backgrounds
..have a good work ethic

For applying you need:

A degree or relevant qualifications such as a TESOL certificate
Relevant experience and passion in working with kids
An interest in photography, art, music or sports

What you will learn:

How to work within an international team
Flexibility and problem-solving skills
Language teaching and motivational techniques
Communication skills
Organizational and time management skills
Thai culture and language

Out of work hours, our volunteers and interns usually spend a lot of time together. Nearby there is the small town of Kapong, waterfalls and a national park. Khao Lak (a famous tourist destination with beaches) is an hour and a half away, and Phuket is two hours away.

We can accept volunteer for all year round but you have to apply long in advance.

What We Provide


We provide each volunteer/intern with a room on school grounds and access to WiFi, a shared kitchen and bathroom and the swimming pool. We also provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and vegetarian options are always available. To offset expenses such as water, electricity and food, we require a contribution of 7,500 baht each month for the first three months. After three months of volunteering and work experience here, we feel that you will have proven your commitment to Yaowawit and so the school will pay your food and accommodation expenses.

As part of the application, we have a detailed application form and an interview. This is because we want to ensure that you will be a good fit for our school. If you are accepted, you must adhere to the Volunteer Guidelines. We look forward to hearing from you!
To apply for a volunteering position, fill in this Volunteer Application Form.

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Minimum Stay

1 or more months

Staff Size

Up to 5 people

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