Young Peace Brigades

kumasi, Ghana, Africa
Young Peace Brigades (YPB) is a grassroots,non-profit,volunteer peace organization that has been working since 2004 in urban & rural villages across Ghana. By living and working directly with the communities we serve, we identify key areas of needed development and facilitate sustainable solutions

Volunteering Activities

Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
Social Work

What We Need

We are looking for medical doctors that can commit to a minimum of one month of volunteer service, but ideally seek those that can offer 3 months to 1 year of field service through our Medical Ambassador program. We promote a strong public health framework and works with doctors that emphasize disease prevention and health education. Taking care of the physical, emotional and mental health needs of patients and their families is the main goal of doctors in our Medical Ambassador program. Doctors provide preventative care, which includes routine checkups, screening tests, health risk assessments, and community education on how to make healthy lifestyle choices. When a major health issue is discovered, patients will be referred to the appropriate health care facility within the Ghana Ministry of Health.

Medical Doctors Seeking Short-term Volunteer Opportunities

Young Peace Brigades has a strong working relationships with the Ghana Ministry of Health and our medical facility built in the rural village of Kramokrom in the Upper Denkyira District of Central Region. If you are a doctor or a team of doctors currently interested in a short-term medical trip to Ghana, after an interview with our Executive Director, the Young Peace Brigades would be happy to facilitate the required paperwork as well as partner you with MOH facilities within Ghana.

Nurses and Nursing Students

Nurses and nursing students play a critical role in our healthcare model through their service in our short-term service learning program. Volunteer nurses work in community health education, home outreach programs, first aid and wound care, blood pressure checks, blood sugar tests, distribute contraceptives, family planning education.


Dental care is an urgent need in our communities. However, our healthcare centers have little to no dental equipment and potential partners would ideally be an organized and experienced team that is able to provide all of the human and technical resources need for a successful dental mission trip. Individual or small groups of dentists without the means for a full scale dental mission trip are still encourage to volunteer as dental education and cleanings would be incredibly helpful. However, as the majority of our community has not had access to dental services in many years, and as toothaches are a leading concern in our healthcare centers, we imagine there is a high need for tooth extractions. Some of our communities are isolated high in the mountains and forest reserves and are hours from the closest hospitals and we are unable to offer the medical facilities for more invasive procedures such as this. We are working with the Ministry of Health (MOH) within Ghana to partner with local providers who have or have access to the necessary equipment.

Public Health Professionals

With a transition to Public Health-based programming, we are always looking for Public Health Professionals, Research and Health Education, Chronic diseases, Infectious Diseases, and Maternal and Child Health.

Educating and inspiring future leaders intellectually and creatively is at the core of the Young Peace Brigades work.
YPB runs computer labs across Ghana and also a street library in Library that are open daily throughout the year, we have a library, we offer homework help for students during the school year, and offer one-on-one tutoring for those students needing extra attention. In addition to this, Young Peace Brigades holds annual summer camps providing hands-on-learning opportunities that make learning fun.

We are looking for volunteer teachers.

When & Who

Volunteer are need all year round
2-4 weeks 2-6 weeks 1-2 years

What we Provide


We provide accommodation,breakfast and diner,certificate,orientation


Our Fees

No fees

Volunteers pay a weekly amount of 150$

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Contact Person

P.O.Box KS5142, Adum Chelsea House (3rd Floor) Harper Road-Adum, Kumasi, kumasi, Ghana.

Other Ways to support us


Deworming tablets/syrup
Simple emollient
Antiseptic cream
Antihistamine cream
Steroid cream e.g. hydrocortisone
Clotrimazole pessaries
Clotrimazole cream
Antiemetic tablets
Antibiotics (currently required: Metronidazole, Flucloxacillin, Benzyl penicillin, Penicillin V,
Clindamycin, Trimethoprim, Coamoxiclav, Nitrofurantoin, Ceftriaxone )
Antibiotic ear & eye drops e.g. gentisone HC, ofloxacin, Fusidic acid
Small supply of antihypertensives eg Enalapril, Amlodipine, HCTZ
Small supply of Metformin
Local anaesthetic e.g. lignocaine, lidocaine
Condoms (male and female)
Epinephrine autoinjector e.g. EpiPen
Tetanus vaccinations

urine dipstick tests
pregnancy tests
cotton wool pads
clinical disinfectant wipes
sterile gloves of a range of sizes
small alcohol wipes/pads
Glucose monitoring strips
Incontinence pads
Small bandage
Tegaderm dressings (or similar) of all sizes
Non-adherent dressings of all sizes
Catheter bag
Vaginal speculums
Cotton-tipped swabs
Sterile water


Steroid injections
Fluconazole tablets

Chlamydia tests
Helicobacter pylori testing kits
Contraception - injection e.g. depo-provera, pill (COCP & POP)

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

YPB promotes and advocates for peace, conflict transformation and management while working with institutions and other civil society groups to prevent and counter violent extremism by promoting a rights based approach. We also engage in improving health, education and economic empowerment through this programmes.