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Youth for charity missions international (Yofochm)

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
We are a charity & evangelistic organisation working to benefit young people in East Africa

Women Development

Evangelism, Leadership camps, Entrepreneurship projects, charity and school visitations

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Our Staff takes care of your stay, providing you with transport, meals, accommodation and tour of Uganda's best adventures at the end of your voluntary work in Uganda.




We are currently seeking people of good heart who can fundraise on our behalf.

Youth for Charity Missions international (YOFOCHM) is dynamic Christian youth led NGO founded in 2007 to help youths find their values in society. We mobilize and engage them in Charity, Leadership, Skills development and training programs at church, school and community level.

YOFOCHM with a global membership of over 500 young people, and fully registered by the NGO Board (S.5914/10016.) empowers young people and impacts Communities in Africa. Part of our strategy is to encourage, donate and train. Please visit our website to learn more about our past activities.

5 to 10 people



P.O Box 7881 Kampala, Uganda, Kampala, Uganda.

Currently this year, we are donating sanitary kits to needy girls in Busoga.
Sanitary pads are an essential commodity that gives girls the comfort and confidence they need to learn uninterrupted. Not having sanitary supplies to our girls in Busoga has led to days without school, Days of isolation in School & Society, Use of leaves, mattress stuffing, and newspaper, anything they can find.
These less privileged girls miss up to six weeks of learning each year because their families cannot afford sanitary pads. It is thus our responsibility to help & it is the cause for the Campaign.

We are thus inviting partners to materialistically / financially support this cause.

You can donate: Laptops, Digital/Video Camera, Clothes, and anything you wish for our staff/office/ministry. Our mailing info: P.O Box 7881 Kampala, Uganda

REGISTRATION: S.5914/10016

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