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Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS

Moshi, Tanzania, Africa

YAAPHA (YOUTH IN ACTION AGAINST POVERTY AND HIV/AIDS) is a non profit organization working in Tanzania main land.Established in 2010 and got registered in July 2011. YAAPHA operates in Kilimanjaro, Tabora and Kigoma Regions.

YAAPHA is a non profit organization working in Tanzania main land.Established in 2010 and got registered in July 2011. YAAPHA operates in Kilimanjaro, Tabora and Kigoma Regions.
Our vision is a society implementing social and economic change for sustainable development.
YAAPHA's mission is committed to reduce illiteracy and poverty by addressing the needs of children and Youth, providing primary education, life skills and entrepreneurship empowerment in Tanzania.

Our Activities

What We Need

Volunteer Placements

We need volunteers in the following programs below.
1. Teach English
2. Women Business Skills Trainer
3. Reforestation and Trail Maintenance
4. Medical Doctor Assistance
5. Health and Hygiene assistance
6. Environmental conservation Assistant
7. Soccer / Football trainer
8. Dental Medicine Assistant
9. Database and Website Developer
10. Construction and Maintenance Support
11. Computer Skills Teacher
12. Youth Outreach Program
13. Agriculture Program

All we need and care about is to serve and help the community.

The passion and willingness of a volunteer is very important in Volunteerism

A volunteer does not need to have specific qualifications to our programs Expect to these programs we need professional and qualified Volunteers .

1. Medical Doctor Assistance
2. Health and Hygiene assistance
3. Dental Medicine Assistant
4. Database and Website Developer
5. Computer Skills Teacher

We welcome all to volunteer and work with us in Tanzania.

Throughout the year.
But the education program available in January up May , and in July up to November each year.
-1 week is the minimum stay duration. -And maximum stay is 3 months and above.

What We Provide


All of our accommodation are located in Moshi Town. Rooms are self contained with high quality and big space with all necessary services .

Important Info

Suitable For

Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

5 to 10 people


-Program Contribution
-Volunteer orientation (Swahili class)
-Program coordination and administration expenses
-Accommodation ( Volunteer Apartment covered)
• In house services
. One day safari tour to the water falls
. Local Sim card

-Flights and travel costs to Tanzania
-Any kind of Visa

*Support and emergency assistance
-We provide 24/7 support that includes emotional counseling and first aid support. In case of a medical emergency requiring more than first aid, we will take the volunteer to a doctor or hospital immediately. Note however that volunteers are required to purchase their own medial insurance as we will not cover these costs.
Should a volunteer need to leave the program for any reason, we will not refund the remaining portion of the fee .

Not included; volunteers are responsible for purchasing travel and health insurance at their own cost.
• NB: Airport pick up /Drop off included to the program fee

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Help out from Home

Logo and Graphic Design
Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Video/Photo Editing
Grant Writing

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS. (YAAPHA) Welcomes online volunteering on the following key areas below:-
- We are looking for a volunteer to enhance and maintain our website on an ongoing basis. You should have jimdo.com experience and a passion for our cause.
Work includes content additions/deletions/changes, format updates, creation of new pages, search engine optimization, improvement of imagery, etc.
Basic maintenance work should not exceed 5 hours per month. There may also be small projects. "If interested, contact us."

- The Social Media Coordinator increases the flow of traffic to social media platforms through an effective social media strategy and regular social media outreach. This role utilizes marketing expertise to promote Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS.(YAAPHA's) mission.

- YAAPHA TANZANIA is currently recruiting Online volunteers who can be based in their countries of residence but connected to to the organisation with access to full information and documentation to raise funds and network with other organisations around the world using the internet. Volunteers will particularly get guidelines and instructions from YAAPHA TANZANIA's management on their individual focus. Each of the volunteers will focus on either health, environment, human rights, education, vocational training or women empowerment projects . Each online volunteer will be provided with an authorization letter, name included as part of our team members, an official email address and a certificate of effective service at the end.
Contact us if your interested.

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Your Contact Person

Peter Bundala
Msasani Street, Kaloleni Ward, Moshi, Tanzania.
95% response rate

Other Information

YAAPHA provides Free time activities to our volunteers are as follows:- 1. Drawing and Painting with children 2. Social activities like cleanliness to our schools,visiting People living HIV/AIDS and Elders.( Home based Care) 3. Gym 4. Riding 5. swimming 6. Cooking . Our volunteers will learn how to cook different type of Tanzanian Food during their free time. 7. sports. Note: During free time a volunteer will do whenever he/she feels to do. Its not mandatory.

Our Wish List

YAAPHA wishlist are as follows:
If someone would need to donate some materials or equipment like ABC books, Mathematics books , Laptops, Projector,Football Jessey, Balls, Exercise Books , Pens, Pencils, Rubbers, Picture books, projector Screen with stand ( Indoor and Outdoor screen)

Our address:
P.O. BOX 367,
Mobile:+255 789 498 980.
( Project Coordinator)

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