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Abomey-Calavi, Benin, Africa

Maternal and Child Health in BENIN

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social, health and environnemetal

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Glo, Abomey-Calavi, Benin.
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Our mission: YSA aims to contribute to this worldview by establishing structures, activities allowing people participating to develop collective action, to act responsibly on their way society, of being actors social change. Volunteering: Volunteering is at the heart of strategy of YSA: volunteerism by its non-market nature offers a different way of conceiving the organization of society. It highlights the social bond rather than the economic relationship and enhances the participation and contribution of each individual the community. In YSA, volunteering is organized within the framework of collective action, to enable encounters between cultures (international volunteer projects), social backgrounds and generations. Nonviolent conflict management, respect for the environment, education, health, child and women's rights, development, climate change, cultural promotion, the promotion of volunteerism and decision collective decision on the basis of dialogue and consensus are always present in voluntary activities. The capacity building: The process of learning YSA aims to strengthen the capacity of people to become aware of the functioning of society today to develop confidence in their possibilities of intervention to become social change actors and participate and the realization of the vision of YSA. The sensitization and mobilization: In order to promote its vision, YSA implements awareness programs aimed at better understanding the mechanisms governing the relationship of interdependence between social groups, to develop critical thinking and analytical skills and to generate individual and collective change of desire. At any time of the learning process, YSA offers spaces that allow the development of collective actions, informs on other mobilization spaces and encourages the mobilization.


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