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Zimbabwe Organic Producers and Promoters Association

Help fundraise for an organization that focuses on organic farming!

Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa

ZOPPA is a non profit organisation spearheading the development of organic agriculture in Zimbabwe.

Closest City: Harare (0.0KM)

What We Need


When & Who

As soon as possible
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Month

What we Provide

training on local language, exposure of the country

Our Fees

No resources at the moment, would appreciate pro bono services to start with then earnings would be from fundarised money

Contact Person

194 Baines Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Other Ways to Help

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help

1.We are seeking people who can raise funds for the Zimbabwe Organic sector strategy (both in strategic areas of the sector or the sector as a whole). 
2. We are in need of an updated website that we are able to edit and easily updateable so we can routinely share our  organizations' progress and impact from our team and for the communities with which we partner.
3. We want to make use of social media to improve our visibility, someone who  is a social media expert who can increase our visibility and connection with potential donors and supporters is much welcome.

Fundraising for Zimbabwe Organic sector strategy to kick start the activities

-1 High resolution camera
-Set up of an organic mushroom demonstration unit
-Refridgerated vegetable packshed to bulk farmer produce $ 22 660
-Solar driers to manage post harvest losses
-10 000 litre tank to store water for watering demonstration plot(USD) 3 000
-Borehole drilling and powering for water to support the demonstration site ( USD7300)
4x4 Field vehicle to visit farmers
-expertise to develop a business unit for self suffinciency

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Organic agriculture offers hope of livelihood restoration in the face of economic melt down. With low entry barrier to production offered by organic farming, resource-poor farmers especially women are able to produce food and sell surplus generating much-needed family income. The high diversity of healthy food produced organically without use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers will give rise to a healthy family and reduce burden to women who are family food and health custodians. The availability of excess income by women will further improve family diets and be used to access services required by the family including paying school fees for children especially the girl child who may be marginalised when resources are scarce. Promotion of organic agriculture also increased farmers' adaptive capacity to extreame weather conditions especially in the face of climate change. Organic agriculture improves environmental management thereby increasing ecosystem services that communities will enjoy.

We train farmers on organic farming methods in order to improve their livelihoods, increase their adaptive capacity in the face of the land, soil and environmental degradation and to adapt and mitigate climate change impacts. We also facilitate linkage of producers to organic 'niche' markets.

To protect both consumers and producers from falsely claimed organic crops, ZOPPA developed an Organic Guarantee System which is linked to a label called "Zim Organic". ZOPPA follows up with the trained farmers and provides technical backstopping after the training. The Zimbabwe agriculture education system is based on conventional agriculture making information for organic production scarce. ZOPPA develops, packages and distributes this information to improve production and compliance to organic standards. It is not easy for producers who have been stuck in conventional production to believe that organic production is possible, so ZOPPA runs demonstration providing education and heightening the awareness of the ability to grow organic crops and the benefits organic crops deliver to the farmers and consumers. These educational demonstrations are ever expanding giving a basket of technologies that farmers can use. These demonstrations have already changed the perception of many.

While development of the Zimbabwe organic sector is not easy considering the background of high chemical use in agriculture, it is important and crucial to the overall health of the population of Zimbabwe. In order to succeed in this work, there is a need for more lobbying at different levels. Stakeholders need to be engaged to ease the development of this sector. ZOPPA engages stakeholders and sensitises them together with policy makers so as to influence change in perceptions.

ZOPPA brought together Zimbabwe organic stakeholders for a consultative process that saw the development of a national organic sector strategy. This strategy remains a piece of paper if it is not implemented. We need resources for implementation of this strategy both in cash and kind.


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