GivingWay for nonprofits
GivingWay for nonprofits

All your nonprofit needs in one place

GivingWay is a FREE platform through which you can

Recruit volunteers

Communicate directly with international volunteers, customize your personal online application form and create your community of past and present volunteers.

Enjoy online volunteer work

Receive online assistance from volunteers in graphic design, editing, web work, research, social media, translation, fundraising and more.

Receive Donations

Easily receive one-time, monthly and campaign-based donations from your donors through GivingWay's secure, verified and simple processing feature.

Join thousands of nonprofits from 120+ countries!

See what some nonprofits are saying about GivingWay:
This platform, has set a mark for finding quality volunteering opportunities throughout the world. Givinway is a bright and bold light shining through
Love the platform and the interface. Very intuitive and sleek