Save 200 street children from Covid-19 pandemic in Senegal

Save 200 street children from Covid-19 pandemic in Senegal

Campaign by  Association Jeunesse Espoir (AJE), Saint-Louis , Senegal
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About this campaign

This project aims to save at least 200 street children who are in perpetual connection with the street in search of food or coins. This street situation of these children exposes them dangerously to contamination with Covid-19. With the measures taken by the state of Senegal which urge people to stay at home, the concern of Association Jeunesse Espoir is to provide food, hygiene kits and awareness-raising to these children to help them stay off the street because the virus is on the street. During this period of confinement, street children frequenting the street daily to find food to eat must be confined in daaras or reception centers. During this confinement they will lack of everything: food, hygienic products, awareness-raising on the behavior to adopt necessarily to avoid being contaminated. These street children represent one of the most vulnerable social strata but are ironically forgotten by humanitarian aid distributed.

Use of Funds

To overcome this problem during this pandemic period, Association Jenesse Espoir takes on the mission of helping children in perpetual connection with the street to stay confined in the "daaras" or reception centers. During their confinement distributions of food and hygienic kits will be done to responsibles for daaras (places where children are confined) so that they can feed themselves without problems during this confinement period. Awareness sessions will be held with the distancing measures of people in the reception centers.