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About this campaign

The Picture above are young girls who were raped and murdered in cold blood by Rapist who prey on innocent young girls, our Enough is enough 'SAY NO TO RAPE CAMPAIGN' is to ensure this never happens to any young girl again!!!

We are tired our young girls been raped and sometimes murdered that is why we launched this campaign.

Our dream is to spread the word all around the world, this is a dream that requires the support of all. we welcome any form of support, nothing is too little for this Campaign to go Global.


* One in four girls and one in ten boys in Nigeria had experienced sexual violence before the age of 18
* One girl under the age of 15 is married every seven seconds.
* Girls are 3X more likely to be out of school after been sexually abused
* Girls are 2X more likely to die from malnutrition*
* Girls are 2X more likely to be subjected to sexual violence*
* Girls are 2X more likely to get coerced into trafficking*

The results of a survey published by NOIPolls in July 2019 suggested that up to one in every three girls living in Nigeria could have experienced at least one form of sexual assault by the time they reach 25

If You Educate a Girl Child then you have successfully educated a Community, this is why the Girl-child Education is a Contemporary issue in communities worldwide.

Young girls and women are usually discriminated against in all spheres of life, including the Educational sector.

Right here in our communities, there is a high-level chance that an uneducated girl child becomes an adolescent mother before there are age 14 mostly caused by sexual abusive.

Adolescent girls are usually seen as weaker vessels that do not need the luxury of education, just because they were born female, so they are forced into early marriages to much older spouses if they wished to fulfil their dreams of pursuing their educational aspirations.

Most times they are forced to go into street hawking to either help feed their families or to help support their male siblings to go to school, thereby ignoring their own education and putting them in extremely dangerous situations like road accidents, kidnap, exposure to drugs, rape, molestations, bad influences that may likely lead to them selling their bodies for money or material things, which could also lead to unwanted pregnancies and underaged abortions and so on.

The worse of these case scenario is that any girl child caught in the web of street hawking would end up becoming an illiterate, which is detrimental to her, seeing that the world now revolves around technology and education which she can only access if given a chance to receive a proper and adequate education.

It is based on these gruesome facts that we are calling on You to partner with us Mentor c and team and Jesse Halliday Global Initiative by donating funds or Items to help the girl child stay off the streets and stay in the four walls of an educational environment in order to help save the future, because 'if you educate a single girl child, you have succeeded in educating an entire community'.

Recently a Concern Group MENTO C and Team launched a SAY NO TO RAPE SINGLE that is making the rounds all over the country. this Campaign is not just to bring awareness of the need to help under-aged Rape victim but also lend your voice by donating to save a Raped Under age Girl child.

We urge you to help in this fight to remove the girl child from the streets and put them in classrooms and also to give them hope that they too can also be educated and have opportunities that go beyond the streets.

Use of Funds

The proceeds of your generous Donations and partnership Would be used to Accomplished the following

*Buy a "GO TO SCHOOL" Starter pack I.e; School bags shoes, pen and pencils in order for these kids to have a Smooth Transition into the educational System

*Buying of sanitary pads for young girls under the age of 15 to improve their hygiene and reduce the risk of infections in young girls.

* To help Under aged Rape victims in our local communities and society

*To help rehabilitate Pregnant Adolescent girls so that they can be on their feet and still be able to pursue their education.

* A state to state rural community awareness campaign will launched to educate families how to handle the girl child.