Provide skills to 20 Crisis affected girls and underprivileged Youths in Cameroon

Project by Hope For a Better future, Bamenda, Cameroon
$81.7 (5 donors)
Goal is $5,000
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About this project

With your support, H4BF! Will train and support vulnerable and underprivileged internally displaced girls and youths in Cameroon including single teenage mothers, young widows, school dropouts, ex-convicts, persons with special needs and Orphans in simple, low cost business start-ups (computer studies, tailoring, hair dressing, beads (jewelry production), basic renewable energy course etc to increase their chances of gaining employment and also provide alternative income generating activities. These vulnerable girls and youths will be trained and supported in activities of their choice within the H4BF vocational training courses.

The Current armed conflict plaguing the two English speaking regions of Cameroon have posed tremendous negative impact on the civilian. In the mist of these crises, youths especially young girls between 13- 23 in conflict zones are most vulnerable to challenges such as recruitment into armed violent groups, rape, unwanted pregnancies, contraction of STDs especially HIV/AIDS. This have made thousands flee their homes for safety in towns with limited access to employment or no capital basic livelihood. They are being host in Bamenda by low-income backgrounds families.

This project aims to fill this gap, answering the needs of thousands of ambitious displaced young girls and underprivileged youth hosted by low-income backgrounds families in Bamenda, by training them in social entrepreneurship through life-skill training and support in computer studies, beads jewelry production, tailoring, hair dressing, basic renewable energy courses as alternative income generating activities. These youths will be trained and supported with start-up capital in form of equipment and finances. This will help empower them and reduce their risk of being associated with illegal activities.

Long-Term Impact
These displaced Unemployed youth will finally have alternative means to generate an income; it will develop their sense of purpose and motivate them to work hard and lead more productive lives. Girls will be empowered in their household and will raise their children along the same lines, and will learn to be more career-oriented; boys will be more driven to work in more meaningful, non-exploitative sectors, and will be less likely to get involved in crime, violence, and drugs.

Use of Proceeds

$25 provide 15 Days vocational training to 1 displaced girls

$100 provide 1 sewing machine to 1 displace young girl.

$150 provide 1 computer or 1 heavy duty sewing machine to 1 displaced youth

200 provide 4 months vocational training to 1 young girl

$250 provide 5 months vocational training to 1 displaced youth.

$500 provide 5 months training to 2 displaced youths

$1000 provide 5 months training to 5 displaced youths