Help Correct 50 Children from Disability

Campaign by  World Action Fund, Kampala, Uganda
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About this campaign

Children with disabilities and adults face critical problems for their well being. COVID-19 pandemic outlines their concerns and commitments to action regarding meeting the needs of vulnerable people impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, including children with disabilities, children deprived of liberty, and children in institutional care, among other groups.

Simple disabilities that can easily be corrected on children, the pandemic has greatly impacted on their families, who can't move, afford medical bills, transport costs are high...thus making a healthy child to continue growing with multiple disabilities without correction in West Nile region of Uganda, where disability cases are on increase.

Use of Proceeds

Facilitate children for referral to hospitals for correction and this will include: paying medical bills, transport costs to and fro, meals with their caretakers.

We're in this together
At this difficult times, if you would like to contribute, please know that it is absolutely okay if you do not have much with you. we're not concerned of the amount. What matters most to us is the intention to help. One small act of kindness goes a really long way.

We are in this together and I know we can help many more children in need. Thank you. we love you.

We will get through this, TOGETHER.

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