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Emergency funding for tropical forest conservation and community development

Campaign by  Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative, Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania
$1,891.9 (23 donors)
Goal is $100,000
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About this campaign

At the Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative we promote forest conservation in south-eastern Tanzania by finding and creating opportunities where local communities can benefit from sustainably managing their forests. Specifically, we:
- Promote community-based forest management, so communities can own, manage and benefit from their forests
- Facilitate ethical, sustainable and long-lasting forest-based income generating opportunities that encourage communities to practice sustainable forest management (specifically through timber and carbon)
- Raise awareness about the benefits that can come from forest conservation, and
- Provide tools and enhanced capacity so that communities can demand improved governance systems over their natural resources.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NGOs and charities such as Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative have been hit hard financially. Our conservation and forestry projects, as well as our work with communities, are completely donor-dependent and funding is currently scarce on the ground. Please help by donating what you can to ensure that we can continue supporting indigenous communities in South-Eastern Tanzania to sustainably manage and benefit from their forests.

These communities depend on the forests for their everyday survival. We take a unique, human rights-based approach towards conservation that puts underserved, indigenous communities first and helps to establish a system through which they can become self-sufficient whilst simultaneously protecting our forests.

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone right now but if you are able to donate a small amount we would be very grateful for your support!

Use of Proceeds

The funds will be used to cover:
- Capacity building and governance training with rural communities.
- Upscaling community-based forest management by supporting more communities to own their forests and increasing protected areas.
- Biodiversity and wildlife monitoring.
- Upscaling sustainable community-led timber harvesting.
- Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) maintenance costs (the gold standard of sustainable forest certification for which we have the first and only in Africa).
- Tree planting activities such as enrichment planting and rehabilitation of degraded areas of forest.
- Project planning and implementation.
- Management and administration costs.