Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes: Building learning and living center for human development. Next step of the project is water management.

Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes: Building learning and living center for human development. Next step of the project is water management.

Campaign by Centre Des Hommes - Road Atakpamé-Kpalimé National N°5, Togo
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About this Campaign

We are raising funds to improve water management on the project’s land. 5,000 euros are needed to manage the rainwater on the sloping site, which causes excessive run-off and soil erosion. This damages the crops we are cultivating there. The success of the wider project for sustainable development now depends on rainwater management. Our funds and local people’s resources are limited, so we invite you to support the project, and to help the youth of Togo to grow sustainably.

Ecovillage Centre des Hommes

ECDH is a new community concept, where people can learn by practically to address problems of sustainable development. Consequently, It is an ongoing participatory community project to build a training, learning and living center for human development and for cultural immersion to:

 increase sustainable education
decrease poverty
work for food sovereignty
promote culture
help the local population to be resilient and live sustainably.

So, we have already achieved the project design, land acquisition and its apportionment along permaculture principles.  That is to say, currently we are launching crowdfunding for the water management aspect of the project.  The next step will be the Ecolodge construction, and the training element will follow.  The Ecovillage Centre des Hommes will offer various sections for training, volunteering, food growing, transformation, creativity and sustainable development demonstration. The project ECDH fields of work are ecology (environment, permaculture, agriculture, soil, climate change, renewable energy etc.), culture (Togo-African Arts, handicraft, dance, cuisine etc.) and social enterprise (youth income, the local market and economy etc.).

Ecovillage Centre des Hommes is an ongoing project and will be a training and demonstration centre for human development and education.  The project’s aim is to create an inspiring space for the local community and volunteers, with a focus on improving the development of the population by learning and achieving the sustainable development.

Specific goals: produce and process agricultural goods and handicraft designs, promote social entrepreneurship, volunteering, and sustainable development education through raising awareness and training.

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Use of Funds

The schedule of our water management project of ECDH project establishment is clearly described here in this board. In case we have the funds that can solve our water management problem then after 6 months we will finish this problem and move forward to the next step.

Item or designation of the task we are going to do: Rain water management and River water management in the project land of ECDH.

Full description of the use of funds!
About our project water management costs.

A- Rain water management in the project land of ECDH.

Designation or Content:
1) Content: Maneuvers or work force for swale digging/ Unit cost: $ 50 / Quantity: 10 / Amount: $ 500
2) Content: Maneuvers or workforce for the ponds digging/ Unit cost: $ 40 / Quantity: 10 / Amount: $ 400
3) Content: Concretion for the collection of the stones, pebbles to finish the swale and the pond/ Unit cost: $ 35/ Quantity: 10 / Amount: $ 350
4) Content: Concretion, arrangement and placing small pebbles at the bottom of the swale and the ponds to completely finish the swale and ponds/ Unit cost: $ 35 / Quantity: 10 / Amount: $ 350

Total A = $ 1600

B- River water management in the project land of ECDH.

Designation or Content:
1) Content: Make clean the river’s borders and river’s side along the lowers side of the land with the installation of the canopy bridge to facilitate the entrance on the project land/ Unit cost: $ 25 / Quantity: 20 / Amount: $ 500

2) Content: The purchase and the installation of a high power water motor pump/ Unit cost: $ 250 / Quantity: 02 / Amount: $ 500

3) Content: Building and concretisation of the support of the water tower/ Unit cost: $ 100/ Quantity: 05 / Amount: $ 500

4) Content: Finishing the water tower include the purchase of water tanks with its establishment/ Unit cost: $ 300 / Quantity: 05 / Amount: $ 1500

5) Content: Purchase and the installation the water tanks that will be over water tower and the installation of the pipes connecting the river and the water tanks/ Unit cost: $ 150 / Quantity: 05/ Amount: $ 750

6) Content: The purchase and the Installation of the first plumbing system that will bring river water to the water tanks in the water tower area/ Unit cost: $ 130 / Quantity: 05 / Amount: $ 650

Total B = 4400

What is going to happen when we have the funds?

First of all for the rain water there will be a workforce,
where we will do the swale on the upside of the land. Is to create a system where we will collect or stock the rain water to a pond through the swale.

Second for the river water we will buy the water (2) tanks (10.000m3) to store the river water inside. We will buy a system to pump the river water from down to the upside of the land.

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