The Water Reclamation Cannister

Project by  OMT System, Modesto, United States
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About this project

The Problems, 

1. Wasted Water

2. Garbage creation

3. Toxic liquid creation

4. Not enough recycling of natural resources.
The answer, a liquid waste receptacle.
Separation of liquid waste from solid, animal and vegetable waste. As done with the " Water Reclamation Canister" the WRC.
Patented…The First Liquid waste can, A gray water system..
On the daily in American restaurants, we create a Toxic lake of wastewater, unintentionally, but still, we create this lake of Toxicity. In our habit for speed lunch and to handle multiple patrons in a minimum amount of time.
This Toxic lake results from our habit of creating ICE, to cool our beverages, on an average we create trillion million gallons of ice daily, used once for about 20min, and then it is ready to be thrown away…
Once we eat our meal the main reusable resource of the “ AFTERMEAL” that’s left is a cup of ice, with a lid and a straw. Which gets immediately thrown into the trash Black Liner Bag. 
Then after 20 such cups, ICE melts and spills out to mix with all other elements within the Black Liner Bag, such as paper, ink, bleach, other elements plus bacteria from animal and vegetable waste. This Toxic mix exists in millions of Black Liner Bags throughout the country. This Toxic mix infiltrates all mater in the Black Liner Bag thus rendering all matter "UNRECYCLABLE OR GARBAGE”, in the Black Liner Bag… Simply by separating liquids from solids before throwing away into Black Liner Bags, we can prevent the creation of a great lake of Toxic Waste Water going directly straight into our landfills. The “Water Reclamation Cannister” is a new concept and an innovative new gray water system designed to collect ice from the cups we would otherwise place into the garbage bag, melt it, and target this reusable wastewater to a toilet or lawn application. While sending waste to sewer system. Simply by using the WRC,… wastewater is separated from ice and potable water where it is recycled to a lawn or toilet application. With all other matter in Black Liner Bag still, dry most matter therein can be recycled more easily…ICE is freshwater and should not be thrown away in plastic garbage bags…
Once installed reduces water bill up to 40% and reduces the total weight of each black liner bag by over 70%. Prevents the creation of unknown diseases that might fall upon the surface of the earth
, decreases blight on our environment and landfills. 

Use of Proceeds

Thoroughly Testing is needed, plus ramp-up of sales team and marketing groups. The product has completed the final stage of development and ready for testing and marketing. and sales