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About this Campaign

YOUTH FOR HER is a one year project proposed to solve unemployment and income-related problems affecting the teenage girls vulnerable to pregnancy, early marriage, and gender-based violence in Eastern rural communities of Uganda.

The project is intended to transform teenage girls’ life in terms of social, economic, and behavioral as well as domestic wellbeing of the community at large through guaranteeing them poultry and cattle to rear.

The main goal of the project is to improve the preparedness of 250 teenage girls to respond to poverty through poultry and cattle farming in order to reduce socio-economic stigma.

- Provide 250 teenage girls or families with livestock and poultry to restart and ensure diversified production.
- Reduce malnutrition by 75% among the children, elderly and the teenage pregnant girls in Kaliro, Buyende and Soroti.
- Create employment opportunities for teenage girls and other youth in rural communities.
- Improve soil fertility by use of poultry and cattle drops that will increase crop production in the sub county.

Use of Funds

- Over 4367 community members sensitized on the benefits of having poultry and cattle rearing projects in their households.
- 150 teenage girls equipped with various skills on poultry and cattle project management.
- 50 teenage girls supported with 2000 broilers chicks as their starting capital.
- 50 teenage girls supported with 50 cross breed heifers so as to achieve the set objectives.
- 50 teenage girls supported with 100 improved goats.

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