Supplies for health & hygiene for marginalized communities

Project by  Care For Dignity and Innovation, Mwanza, Tanzania
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About this project

We have been putting efforts into broadening awareness of health and safety measures to the community of children and disabled individuals we support. To date, our team has prepared and shared visuals and made our own hand soap to introduce hygienic measures to the community.

Vulnerable communities like the remote region of Mwanza are often under prepared to prevent and respond to major global health crises and pandemics, like COVID-19 in 2020. Given the living and social conditions of these communities, the effects of a major health crisis are far reaching, and can often unsettle any progressive changes in society and education. Specifically in Mwanza, CDI has seen health crises cause children to leave school, and rarely return.

We have identified main supplies we need to continue their efforts to educate and spread awareness on the importance of hygienic precautions in hopes of helping children continue their education.

Use of Proceeds

CDI is seeking donation funds to raise at total of $1,745 USD to support their Health & Hygiene work to prevent COVID-19 and other health crises. All proceeds will go directly towards funding supplies for their efforts — from making their own hand soap to creating and printing signage to spread awareness. Any help is appreciated.