Help us strengthen Livelihoods for children affected by HIV/AIDS

Project by  Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO-Africa), Kampala, Uganda
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About this project

Buy some domestic animals and birds like pigs, goats and seeds for HIV-affected families in Uganda - and improve a child's potential in life. Malnutrition is a serious and widespread problem in Uganda, but you can help fight it through the gift of pigs, chickens, goats and gardens. So simple, yet SO powerful!
There is a huge growing crisis of AIDS-affected children in Uganda, with one out of five households at least having a child who is a victim of the pandemic. If children don't get the nutrition they need, they lose what all kids deserve - the chance to reach their full potential. Malnutrition puts children at far greater risk of dying from HIV. It also permanently stunts their physical and intellectual growth. The problem contributes to a cycle of poverty that traps families for generations - but it can be broken through the provision of small livestock who produce, eggs, milk to drink, manure for gardens, and money to families
A sustainable community-based solution, in response to the growing crisis of AIDS-affected children is required. Therefore giving these vulnerable children domestic animals and birds like chickens and goats will allow them get animal and bird proteins otherwise out of reach. Goat, pig and chicken manure fertilizes gardens providing other essential nutrients. Plants grown to feed the goat, pigs reduce soil erosion and help improve small farm production. Since this project includes the distribution on seeds and stems, as well as chicken, goats and pigs, it is a fantastic way to solve lots of issues.
Long-Term Impact
The objective of this project is to strengthen the capacities of HIV-affected families so that they can meet the needs of children they are in charge of and achieve social and economic independence at the end of the program. Therefore, we expect children to grow up bigger, smarter, and healthier; families earn extra income; and after reproducing, each family will pass on three chickens, pigs and goats on to another family, one who has already received proper training. These domestic animals and birds can change a child's life forever!

Use of Proceeds

We are looking to raise $5,875; we will use$ 2,431 to purchase goats, $1700 to purchase pigs, $ 730 to purchase chickens, $ 583 to purchase seeds and stems or cuttings, $ 278 to carter for vetinary services or vet-supplies for selected families (including vaccines, antibiotics and vetinary assistant’s allowances) and $ 153 for transport and delivery of purchased items