Covid-19 School Food Bank!

Covid-19 School Food Bank!

Campaign by Christ Towers Junior School Kiboga Ltd - Kiboga, Uganda
$802 (4 donors)
Goal is $1,530
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About this Campaign

Our School survives on agriculture by growing rice, beans, and cassava. feeding children after covid comes with many new challenges like; children required to staying at school, hand sanitizers, mosquito nets, and increased low funding from parents. poor children are always at the front of being marginalized. By helping donate to our Food Program, we will raise more beans and rice for students to stay safe in school. Our Schools are opening 15th October to this affect. We will be growing five acres of Beans, saving 1 tone to food and 2 tones of corn.

Use of Funds

We will spend the funds in the following way:
$210 Will Hire Five Acres of Land for beans
$210 Will hire Five Acres of Land for Corn
$42 Will buy Herbicide to kill weeds
$55 Will buy Selective Herbicides to weed the corn and beans
$85 Will transport the labour to work the farms.
Labour will be provided by the school community teachers and parents.
200 will buy manure/ cow dung.
$100 will buy fertilizers for the crops
$200 will buy ground nutes for our new ground nuts project.

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