School Classroom Renovation

Project by  Helpers Social Development Foundation, Enugu, Nigeria
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About this project

School classroom renovation, Community secondary school Ogbunka on account of which this project is being presented lies in a remote area in Umunobe Ogbunka in Orumba south local government area of Anambra state. Anambra state is one of the states of geopolitical southeast of Nigeria.

The school boasts of three science classroom blocks and five toilet blocks that are dilapidated. The school did not have a science classroom block and toilet at the moment because of the dilapidated condition of the infrastructures.

The classroom is not conducive for learning because there is no good roofing, chairs, desk, windows, doors, ceiling, toilet, this have led both teachers and students staying away from the school. The students defecate openly. There is no source of water for sanitation and hygiene. This practice poses a lot of health risks and challenges.

The school was established in the year 1977 as Ogbunka girls’ secondary school; it was changed from Girls’ secondary school Ogbunka to community secondary school Ogbunka as a co-educational school in July 2019 to avoid close down to make the school running. The school boast of a population of over 450 students before; but today the numbers have plummeted to about 69, 45 girls and 24 boys; less than 15% of what it used to be, this has led to a massive decline in the enrollment rate of students at the school.

1. First is to ensure that three science classroom blocks and five block toilets housing the community secondary school Ogbunka are rehabilitated adequately, to give comfort to the students who are enrolled in that school for studies, knowing full well that students who are made to study under adverse conditions like those of community secondary school Ogbunka aren’t expected to do well at school.

2. Secondly, the renovation will improve the learning conditions of the school students while the construction of well and toilet facilities will improve the level of hygiene among the students.

The impact on the student’s population and the community itself, Umunobe Ogbunka in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra state of Nigeria, will be felt to a great extent.

First, the benefits include a conducive environment for learning, improvement in learning and increase in the enrolment rate. The economic benefits are a reduction in the cost of transportation and improved safety for the children as they no longer have to travel for long distance to attend classes in neighbouring villages. Indigent students who have been travelling to other neighbouring communities to attend school will resume school after the construction.

There will be an improvement in hygiene and sanitation in the school, owing to the provision of toilet and supply of water. The project is important toward achieving SDG 4.

Use of Proceeds

$21,500 donation will be used to renovate three Science classrooms block and also equip the science classroom with science equipment, renovate five toilet blocks, build well for water sanitation.

Our task is to complete the work within four months if we receive the needed support from you.

We will show you evidence of what we achieve with your donation during and after completion.

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