Make a Change: Investing in Education for Children

Project by  Youth Partnership for Peace and Development, Freetown, Sierra Leone
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About this project

A country with decade of civil war, further ravaged by an Ebola and now COVID-19 crisis continues to be saddled by huge challenges of addressing post-war and Recovery shocks. The odds have not been in the favor of majority of the country's children hoping to complete their education and development aspirations.

Use of Proceeds

We are a group of committed change makers with great desires of supporting children especially with friendlier spaces that enhances their learning abilities and safety. We can't do this alone, and we need you, your community, institution, family and friends to help us. We want to begin rewriting the stories of hope for our children in deprived community and one way we can start doing so is to support an enabling learning space where every kids can have a chair to sit on, a desk to write and the availability of toilet and water facilities.