Honor 50 Moms and 20 Essential Caregivers During COVID 19 Pandemic

Campaign by  Wilmat Development Foundation, Kampala, Uganda
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About this campaign

As the Corona virus Pandemic continues to spread across the globe, many rural young mothers and Caregivers in the communities of Uganda are at a higher risk of being more vulnerable as they are all under lock down with no clear access to various health services and livelihoods among others as before.

Currently we have 55 young mothers and 25 Essential Caregivers whom we have been supporting through our established Women Self-Help Groups. On average, each has 2-5 children to support on a daily basis, due to the sudden lock down, many of them were not prepared enough as they depend on their daily low income earnings and the little savings they make in their respective Savings groups. At the moment, they have eaten up most of their little savings as well as their business capital and now they need our support in order to survive during this Pandemic as they have run out of better options.

With costs of $60 you can feed a household for a month. We are in dire need of support to provide dry food stuffs and other essentials to these households throughout the months of May to July as we continue to serve the most marginalized in the communities facing the pandemic.

We believe that there is still time for me and you to support these women and young mothers who work hard to build a better life for themselves and their families. You can support our cause or recommend a friend to support as any amount is highly appreciated.

Use of Proceeds

All contributed funds will be used to purchase dry foods: cereals like rice, posho, salt, cooking oil among other home use basic needs for at least a month or more to the affected women-led households from your generous giving.

But there’s still time to send a meaningful Gift now, Friend! Recommend a friend Today and make this a reality by giving for a cause!