Shinyanga Women Development Centre Initiatives

Project by  Companion of Women and Children Empowerment (COWOCE), Shinyanga, Tanzania
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About this project

Shinyanga Women Development Initiatives is an Income Generating Activity (IGA’s) project which has been initiated by Companion of Women and Children Empowerment(Cowoce) for relieving from extreme poverty women encountered with forced marriage and early pregnancy in Shinyanga Tanzania. The Shinyanga region is one of the 5 regions in Tanzania which is leading on forced marriage and early pregnancy practices and the young women and adult women have been the target for these tragic practices. The pastoralist communities in Shinyanga, Mwanza and Mara in Musoma regions have been involved in these wounding practices , which is also associated with other social-economic discriminations like denial of education provisions to female children, increased of maternal mortality rate among pregnant women , poor marital relationship to those in marriage, poor involvement of women in decision making including utilization of household’s resources and income benefits as well as inadequate economic opportunities rendered to women.

is an Income Generating Activity (IGA’s) project which is intending to provide economic life skills empowerment through training in sewing/knitting, Baking of food and catering services to young and adult women, particularly those encountered with forced marriage and early pregnancy in Shinyanga region and Tanzania in general.
The project is expected to be a tutorial integrated bakery food point whereby women encountered with forced marriage and early pregnancy will be equipped with training on food catering and beverage processing to enable them to initiate income-generating activities for supporting their households and their children. Either the center will comprise of the training unity on gender-based violence’s preventions, Literacy especially for young women who missed schooling, tailoring unity and training on entrepreneurship to the number of women in Shinyanga.

Use of Proceeds

The funds will use the following activities
1. Tutorial coast for 3 tutors for six months @ $ 100= 1800
2. To purchase training materials for 6 Months @ $50=300
3. Renovation 2 classrooms $800
4. To purchase Bread Oven $ 3500
5. To purchase a set of Cake and biscuits oven $350
6. Bread slicer $ 470
7. Mixer flour machine $ 500
8. The seat of molders $ 300
9. Trays $ 70
10. Cuter $ 25
11. Branded packages bags 460
12. Packages of safety equipment $100