Help us manufacture Ecoboats, Ecobins and cleaning the beach

Project by  Madiba & Nature, Kribi, Cameroon
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About this project

Madiba & Nature is a nonprofit organization that was funded to help preserve the livelihoods of fishermen in need whilst also addressing the issue of marine plastic pollution.

The organization collects plastic waste through cleanup activities and uses them to create Ecoboats for fishermen. A few number of 40 Ecoboat have been make so far and is shared by more than 50 fishermen. With the raining season the rate of pollution is so high and fisheries are polluted with plastic bottles that clock up the rivers and bridges, while many fishermen don’t have access to fishing because of lack of boat.
The actual strategy of Madiba & Nature is to expand using of Ecobins by installing the first innovative system of waste management on the beaches and in an area of Douala.
Over the one hundred Ecobins in used in Douala, the organization will like to add 100 Ecobins more with the aim to reach 5 tons per Month for the next year and build up to 100 Ecoboat for the 70 fishermen of Kienké village and 30 fishermen of Lalobé .
This project of Fishermen with Ecoboat will allow impact 100 Fishermen in this community.
More than 100 people, twenty women, 50 fishermen and 30 Students will gain capacity building by expert of Madiba & Nature in recycling.

Use of Proceeds

The proceeds raised in this campaign will be used for the manufacturing costs (ECOBOATS and ECOBINS) and the beach cleanup activities. The manufacturing costs of 50 Ecoboats and 100 Ecobins $12,000 and the costs of the quarterly beach cleanup are $4,000.

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