Building a Better House for Emmanuel and His Grandmother

Building a Better House for Emmanuel and His Grandmother

Campaign by Community Concerns Uganda - Jinja, Uganda
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About this Campaign

We all know that a safe and stable home life is an essential to a child’s educational success. Sometimes, however, through sheer determination and a gifted intellect, a child manages to rise above circumstances that might hold others back. Emmanuel is such a boy.
Age 15,from Wabulungu village, Mayuge District, Emmanuel is enrolled in the CCUg Scholarship Project. He studies at Mwiri College, a local secondary school, and is 9 years from receiving his degree. He is very bright and consistently performs well – particularly in Mathematics. His teachers say he is a disciplined and dedicated student who actively participates in all class activities.
His academic results are all the more impressive because Emmanuel’s home situation is dire. His father died when he was still young and his mother has problems with her mental health, so he lives with his grandmother. The home they share is unsafe and near the point of collapse. Both he and grandmother sleep on papyrus mats; there is no furniture in the home.
To support Emmanuel’s efforts on his own behalf – and to supplement the scholarship he currently receives – CCUg is launching a fundraiser to build a new two-bedroom house for him and his grandmother. No contribution is too small to help, and 100% of all donations will go directly to improving the safety and well being of this young man and his grandmother who desperately need this assistance. Any gifts – whether cash or household items – will be much appreciated.

Use of Funds

The funds will purely be used to buy materials and help in the construction of the house. For example
Cement will cost $ 689.2, Bricks will cost$ 243.2, ironsheets at $ 208.1,

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